Friday, 8 August 2008

Garden pleasures!

Good morning!

Had enough?!

'Miguel' we call him. He struts across the lawn at about 6am ish and spends most of the day in our garden or in the greenhouse !

Back in the winter he started coming to us, sitting on the bedroom window sills, for shelter.

In the spring, he had a few 'ladies' in tow.

A while after that, we found Pheasant chicks in the lane.

He appeared , one morning, quite bedraggled and minus his tail feathers! So now he resembles an overgrown Quail!

Watching him, has given us so much pleasure. He now feeds from our hands and he comes to us as soon as he hears the rattling of the food tin.

The best things in life are definitely free!


Alison Boon said...

How lovely that he trusts you enough to feed from your hand. How true that the best things are free. Hope he'll still find a few lady friends in the Spring.

LOUISE said...

Hi Sal, are you up for doing a tag? If so, pop over to my home blog. It must be lovely living with the countryside around you, I would love this sort of visitor in my garden, just as long as my plants didn't get eaten! He looks quite a character to have scratching around. x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Senor Miguel is lovely!
We had a pheasant last winter who had the run of about 70 gardens on the estate, all of which back onto each other ... with warm cosy sheds and hedges.
He chose to sleep in the bus shelter! (maybe he kept missing the bus!)

Simone said...

He looks like a wonderful character. What a joy to have such a visitor to your garden. Just one question: why Miguel?!!!

Country Bliss said...

How fantastic to have such a tame pheasant visiting you. Whenever I come across one they always fly up in the air squarking!

Bobbie Lynn said...

How neat!

Jennie said...

Aww he is gorgeous!!!

This Vintage Life... said...

We get the same visitors to our garden too..somehow they get in and can't get out! We usually find them under the birdtable, nibbing seed.
Deb x

twiggypeasticks said...

He's a handsome devil isn't he? We have a lot of pheasants around and about but I've never seen a tame one - magic !
Twiggy x

Nichgull said...

Ah Miguel! Such a darling, and yet so scruffy. Only we could have attracted such a scruffy pheasant to our garden... Perhaps you distressed him ;-)

Cowboys and Custard said...

I love the name Sal.. how did you arrive at Miguel?
I definitely agree with you.. these are rare occurences and give so much pleasure.
We had a squirrel called 'Cheeky' who would take toast from our hands every morning.. burnt toast too!
Michele x

Rosie said...

How lovely to have a friendly pheasant in your garden - he looks quite a character! Do any of his offspring visit as well?

Shirl said...

Awwww, how sweet!

sharie said...

Thanks for the photos. We used to have a tame pheasant without a tail and we called him Stumpy. I used to joke with visitors that I was training him to follow a line of corn into the kitchen and into the oven!
Only joking.
Thanks for the post it brought back many memories.

Hen said...

This is wonderful! Very envious (in a nice way)!