Thursday, 15 May 2008

Two really nice books!

There are times when you most certainly can judge a book by its cover!!
This book is adorable.
The photography is pure delight and you will oooh and ahh as you turn the pages.
I actually bought mine second hand, from Amazon marketplace. It's in perfect condition!
And yes, you get the recipes and much more!

Secondly, may I introduce:

£7.71 from The Book postage!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Do you like a good nose? I do ;-)

If you are anything like me, you'll love programmes such as, 'Escape to the Country' or 'Location (x3) and similar programmes, whereby you can take a peek into other people's homes and gardens.
I'm not exactly nosey..(honest ..!!)
Here's where I went today,to someone else's piece of England.. and I just thought you'd like to share in the delights.
We'll start with the garden, shall we?

After I had wandered around the garden , I crept back through the kitchen !

Even her potatoes live somewhere lovely!...

I love this clock!

OMG is that the time! I hope they have not missed me..I am meant to be crafting!

We were given one of these:

Well it came in pieces and we had to make it up and then work on decorating it.

Mine's not quite finished..we all know why, don't we?!! ;-)

But there was more!

We had to plant some seeds as well!

All that in two hours ish!!;-)

Sunday, 11 May 2008

On a very hot Sunday....

... we whizzed down the A38, towards Plymouth.

Endsleigh Garden and Leisure
The trouble is nowadays, in my opinion, these garden centres have far too much non gardening items/ gift stuff...and I hate that! So, no photos of any of that today!

We loved these bottle brush trees.

Wish I'd taken my scissors! ;-)

I left the fairy to sun herself .

We purchased three Clematis..Nelly Moser , Blue Eyes and Gillian Blades.
(Will blog them when they flower as I picked the ones with lots of buds!!)
Plus these Gerbera, Kalanchoe and mini Dahlia,which are all red...but look more pink on here.
Then we made our way back to our favourite small pub in Ashburton...
Ha ha...even my fave pub has the name 'Exeter' in it!! ;-)

And as I was waiting for my drink, I spied this on the bar..

We've always had this song at Torquay...'He's here, here's there , he's every......where.' And there he Ashburton! ;-)

On the way home we drove through the lanes, past my very favourite house: