Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Do you like a good nose? I do ;-)

If you are anything like me, you'll love programmes such as, 'Escape to the Country' or 'Location (x3) and similar programmes, whereby you can take a peek into other people's homes and gardens.
I'm not exactly nosey..(honest ..!!)
Here's where I went today,to someone else's piece of England.. and I just thought you'd like to share in the delights.
We'll start with the garden, shall we?

After I had wandered around the garden , I crept back through the kitchen !

Even her potatoes live somewhere lovely!...

I love this clock!

OMG is that the time! I hope they have not missed me..I am meant to be crafting!

We were given one of these:

Well it came in pieces and we had to make it up and then work on decorating it.

Mine's not quite finished..we all know why, don't we?!! ;-)

But there was more!

We had to plant some seeds as well!

All that in two hours ish!!;-)


Simone said...

Ooohhhhh. Thanks for letting us have 'a nose' around your garden - it's beautiful! Thanks for the comment on my blog. On closer inspection I think my 'Aubretia' is indeed Campanula as the flowers are bell shaped. You achieved a lot in two hours of craft time. It takes me two weeks to achieve as much as you!

Suzie Sews said...

You just have the best days...what a beautiful garden is so full of the season...

Kitty said...

That little blue lobelia in the stripey pot is just perfect! x

Nichgull said...

haha, well it isn't difficult for me to recognise whose garden that is, or where you went today ;-)

Katherines Dream said...

You are so right I love all those programmes....I dream of escaping all the time!
Thank you for the tour, what a gorgeous garden.
I love the 'trug' they really are useful, I have painted mine, comes in very handy to carry things into the garden when we eat outside.
Carol xx

this is my patch said...

Thanks for paying a visit to my garden blog Sal. People must see you coming now with your camera and run like mad! Nice garden shots. I do like the programmes you mention, but I always get so pig sick jealous of what people can afford, although I am basically happy with my lot! x

Alison Boon said...

Beautiful garden. I love the basket for the potatoes.

Ravenhill said...

So lovely to take a stroll around the garden with you! Thank you for all the beautiful images!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Now you have got me intrigued... whose garden is it I wonder???
I love seeing how the other half live and once had a job as an estate agent but unfortunately spent most of my time in the office! Houses in Bath are fascinating as they all have a unique character and are often full of surprises ..like an old covered bath in the kitchen..!
Love your crafting projects Sal.. it is like tuning in to Vision On!
P.s How did the footie go??

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Gorgeous garden and lovely home!!!


She'sSewPretty said...

What a pretty garden and kitchen. I love that box you're working on.