Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas 'goings ons' !

Christmas Day was not quite as we had on Christmas Eve my mum was taken to Torbay hospital. Badly dehydrated and with low salt levels, they isolated her, put her on a drip and that was my poor mum's Christmas.
(I add that she was in a most unfriendly ward,where noone bothered with her..I mean a smile costs nothing,does it..or a friendly face around the door every now and I am pretty disgusted,especially as it was Christmas Day.)
She's ok now...was let out yesterday, much better but still quite weak.
I suppose you could say that none of us knew whether we were coming or going ...but the 'plus side' was that we all got to dress up in rubber garb...before we could go in and see her ;-)
So , I think presents were the last thing on our minds but I did manage to open up this little darling, a Brigitte Rive huggable gollywog, 'Stripey Jack'..which I have admired for weeks, in thank you to my dear DH for remembering :
A fabulous diary from the National Railway some coasters depicting..Exeter..from Nich...
A lovely baguette basket , some jam pot covers and a tea towel, from my sister:

On Boxing Day my lovely daughter and her lovely husband came for the day, which was... lovely..and I finally got some CK goodies!! ;-)

But all we really wanted for Christmas was for my mum to be ok and my dad to not look so sad.

Hope your Christmas was lovely.

(Oh... and I didn't get a hoover !)


cocoa and blankets said...

I do hope your Mum is feeling better Sal..I was thinking about you..and you got some Cath too...I am looking at their sale in great dissapointment...there are two bags I like but cant decide...stand up tote or bowling??? would love to have seen you in the rubber suit! love and hugs H

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Sal..
Just beginning to surface after the marathon of eating and sleeping in front of the telly!
So glad your mum is home again and you can maybe start to relax yourselves now..
Hope you felt better over Christmas despite all the dramas..
Will catch up with you soon.
Michele xx

Rosie said...

I was sorry to hear about your mum. I hope she is feeling better and that you can enjoy the rest of the festive season. x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad your mum is better, Sal.
This is certainly a Christmas youwill remember.
My son pointed out that my presents of books were eight inches deep - so I am now thinking I have eight inches of unread books - lovely. Happy New Year to you all - and good health to your Mum.

Viv said...

Hi Sal

Sorry to hear about your mum's Christmas and pleased she is now much better. Hopefully your dad is looking much happier now.
Looks like you had some smashing presents
Happy New Year to you
love Viv

Simone said...

I hope your Mum is feeling better now. Chistmas Day at my Mum's was cancelled due to my dad being unwell. I have never spent Christmas Day away from them in 45 years so it was a bit of a shock! I had to improvise Christmas dinner and hopefully we will celebrate Christmas at my Mum's on Monday. I hope you enjoy the run up to the new year. x

summerfete said...

Gosh hope your Mum is ok now. Nothing like a family emergency to make you realize how trivial Christmas is. Hopefully with the knowledge that she is better you can really begin to enjoy the festive seasons with special thanks!

Clare x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Sal

Let's hope your Mum is soon back to her usual self fighting fit ande raring to go.

Glad you got to open some prezzies though.

I had some CK from my daughter, too!

Sue xx

Rosie said...

Oh dear, hope your Mum is feeling a lot better now she is home and out of hospital. You have had some lovely, thoughful presents too:)
Take care.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

So hope your days become better. Glad you made the most of it.

Happy New Year,

Lisa xo
Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

MelMel said...

Oh your poor she ok?


Josie-Mary said...

Hope your mum's on the mend.... lovely gifts :) x

Kitty said...

Oh my goodness - you poor things! Really hope your mum is much better now. x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Poor mum! Glad to hear she is ok & home again now!

Bet you were devastated about the hoover! ;-)

Shirl said...

Hi Sal, sorry to hear your news about your mum. I hope she, and you, are feeling much better now. Hugs all round.

Shirl x

hens teeth said...

Hello Sal,
Thank you for your comments.
So sorry you had such a horrible worry with your mum, I had the same a couple of weeks ago with my mum. I'm so pleased to read she is out of that vile hospital.

Going back to 'Clun', I was really pleased to read all about your stay in Clun, is'nt it the most beautiful area?
Keep in touch x

IsabellasCloset said...

Sal, I so sorry you Mum is ill. She is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she will be well soon..
Hugs to you.. ~Mary~

Gem said...

Sorry to hear your mam was poorly :( Hope she is feeling much better now. At least she is home from hospital now :) xxx

BusyLizzie said...

Sorry to hear about your mum being ill over Christmas. Hope she is now on the mend.
I have heard back from the lady at Hyson fairs & I will put more info on my blog in the next day or so!
Take care & Happy new Year! Lizzie xx

Helen said...

Christmas rarely turns out the way you expect it to. All that planning, and in the end we just have to wing it! We had a worry with my Dad just before Christmas, and had to try and sort that out long distance, as well as everything else! Hope your Mum is now well on the way to recovery and that you have enjoyed a belated celebration.