Saturday, 29 November 2008

Weekend Snippets

Yesterday, the morning after a heavy night in Exeter, late night shopping (more in a mo), I threw a little bit of C.K, Amy Butler and K & Company into the Sal's Snippets mixing bowl.
But, sadly, it was not baking on the agenda. (In fact I am ashamed of the lack of baking in my kitchen lately but one can't do everything, can one?!)

I lie in bed each night and mull over ideas and once I get something in my head that's it!
And there you have it, one kitchen/workroom clipboard with a little bit of each of my faves featured.

I've put it in my shop..its absolutely loaded with tags and papers for notes too.

Now then...Thursday night was, as usual, a treat as we wandered about, just as the lights were coming on, in Exeter. There is something very different about late night shopping and although there is the same hustle and bustle, the atmosphere seems more calm and you can think more least that's what I find.
Having dashed into Habitat to see the lovely Josie Mary, she informed us that the lady owner in 'Violette' was an avid reader of Sal's Snippets..!

...and so up the hill we hurried as we were not sure if she was staying open. Greeted by the words 'Sals's Snippets!' she then allowed me to snap a few pics.

and so now I just need to say ..DO VISIT!
Do you know,it's such a lovely little shop, a stones throw from the centre, just up Castle Street..with such a lovely owner too.

This was a night when Exeter was at its best... but then it is always at its best for me.

The Card Gallery,in Queen Street is the best ever shop for cards and no end of otherlovely items.

And Orange Tree really needs no mention ,does it? Lots of CK, Bridgewater etc ;-)

Nor this..

And Nutcrackers are a huge favourite this year. Having recently visited 'Christmas Angels' in York, these just seem to jump out at me wherever I go!!

Stand to attention whilst I am talking, please!

And this is Exeter,the place that I love! One day I might well live there but until then I'll just have to make do with my very (extremely very) regular visits!!

And now..I think I am off on a train again!! ;-)
I hope your weekend is wonderful!


Cowboys and Custard said...

A lovely taste of the town or should I say city!
I would love to return to Exeter when Mr C isn't holding a stopwatch and timing our shopping expedition!
I looks very festive and very tempting!

Michele xx

Simone said...

I wish I had a Violette near me! Even the name is beautiful and suggests a shop with beautiful things! You are very lucky to live near such wonderful shops!

April said...

I love Nutcracker dolls, I've been collecting them for years!

April xx

Shirl said...

What a lovely place; such beautiful shops.

summerfete said...

Sal your posts always make me want to visit your patch!

As for your late night mind wandering, I can spend a whole night creating in my head!

Clare x

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a lovely evening you had. This week has gone faster than ever, hasn't it. Before we know it we'll be talking new year's resolutions, putting the clocks forward and Easter!!! And all in the blink of an eye!


Nichocacola said...

ISn't Exeter beautiful in the evening! And those nutcrackers always make me smile, I can't wait to put mine out for Christmas ;-)

sharie said...

It always feels exciting shopping in the evening - I don't know why, must be all the bright lights and the anticipation of christmas :-)

Great post, Loved all the photos of the shops and the streets

Josie-Mary said...

Glad you had a good evening...I'm still hinting about the clipboard!!!! :)

LiLi M. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Exeter looks like fun to me! After next Friday I can go ahead with Christmas deco too, but I think I will craft something for my daughters' birthday (the 12th) first. Anyhow if I need inspiration I know where to go. Have a lovely Sunday!

Country Cottage Chic said...

You have been gadding about lately Mrs Snippets! I have enjoyed your shopping trips though (and they didn't cost me anything!!)

Rosie said...

The shops and city look wonderfully festive - I think if I lived nearby I'd be a regular visitor too:)