Sunday, 30 November 2008

This year I am mostly decorating my tree with...

It's always a pleasure to delve into the cupboard and reach for the things that you carefully put away just under a year ago!
I have to admit that I have not bought any Christmas tree decorations for a while, until two weeks ago, when I treated myself to 6 new ones ;-)
But not these...
... which are probably 20 years old!! I made loads for a School Christmas bazaar and kept just 4, for our tree.

These metal tree decorations were spotted by me, in a little shop in Wells, a few years ago now.

These are 'see through' and I have no idea from whence they came but I've had them in my collection for a good many years.

I think this jolly little chap came from Totnes,many moons ago.

Vintage tree decs which I love...I can't get enough of these!

Some oldies from Woollies.. as are these..

And my newly acquired 'Nutcracker' tree decs, Nich brought them all the way home to Devon, from Max Krug, Munich.

And, finally, as I was saying, my newest decorations...amongst my other purchases from Cath Kidston, goodness, I have just realised how restrained I was!!

Now all that I need is a tree! Although I hasten to add that I will not be decorating it quite yet!
Meanwhile, here they all are, mixed up and put into Paint Shop Pro kaleidoscope!! Pretty eh? ;-)

Do you have any favourite tree decorations?


Shamus O'No said...

Moi tree favourite decorations are

1. De luvverly Christmas angel

2. De fairy lights above de door

3. and to be sure de nativity set in de hall

Jane W said...

I love Christmas decorations - the favourites of mine are the vintage ones too - I love the ones that were originally my father's when he was a child. I also love some that were new when I was a child - reminds me every time I see them of my brother and I discussing which were our favourites out of the NEW decorations (I can only remember ever having new decorations once).
My children also love decorating the tree and discussing their favourites - there is definitely no themed or colour coded trees in our house!

Simone said...

You have some lovely decorations. Nich was really thoughtful bringing back decorations for you from his trip. I hope my son turns out to be kind like him! I don't have a favourite tree decoration apart from when they are made from chocolate!

Gem said...

I put my tree up last night - I get so excited at Christmas time! I tend to go for the "more is more" look with my tree and there are barely any branches that don't have some sort of trinket hanging from them. My favourite ornament is probably the little felt owl I got from Tesco the other day but it changes all the time!

Kitty said...

We have a tradition of choosing a different colour scheme each year for our tree. This keeps it 'fresh' and gives us an excuse to make new stuff for it. This year No.1 chose ... it's going to be pink and green: should be interesting! No.2 will choose next year's. I'll post a picture of the tree when it's done.

Love your decorations - especially the vintage ones.


Rosesposes said...

Hi love all the decorations and love your York goodies too!

galant said...

I could not imagine putting up the tree yet ... far too early, we're not even out of November, not into Advent even, but whatever pleases people must be OK. I like to leave putting up the tree as late as possible otherwise, in a month's time, when Christmas is here, you've grown over-familiar with it and don't really appreciate it's beauty. We always have a real tree. They are expensive when you chuck them out, but they are grown specially for the festive season so I look upon them as house plants, or over-large flowers. Artificial trees are fun and some are beautiful, but it's the unevenness of a real tree which is so special about it, that and the smell.
As for my fav decoration. Well it's a round gold ball which is smothered in gold sequins. I bought it in Woolworths when that store had wood floors way back in 1964, my first Christmas as a married woman and I still have it. I bought lots more decorations then, but this is the only one which has survied the 43 Christmases since then and, all being well, it will grace our tree again this year. Truth to tell, we don't go in for much decorating malarky and the decorating that we do (in this case "we" being me) is mainly greenery (traditional) and flowers ... I like to fill copper lustre jugs with scarlet/bronze spray carnations or even white carnations and greenery and line them up along the mantelshelf, and then run greenery between them ... this is very inexpensive and looks wonderful. Similarly, I have a pressed glass tazza which I put as a centrepiece on the table, large candle in the middle surrounded by satsumas and greenery. Inexpensive, and you can eat the satsumas, too, and it looks festive. I'm afraid, whilst I love looking at all the things you make, craft and me just don't mix. If there is a sewing expression for the gardener's one of not having a green thumb, then that's me!
Margaret Powling

cocoa and blankets said...

Hello your vintage decorations I just got some like that at a car boot today..I am going to put some in my sewing room but need to think of an arty way of displaying them... thinking of getting polly some of the Cath tins of threads etc for christmas..along with al the other trats..have you got one of the teco bags yet they are with christmas tres...I am going o use them to put presents in..have a good week H

Cowboys and Custard said...

I too share your love of vintage decorations.
My favourite being a vintage glitter snowman that has survived at least 50 Christmasses in our family.. (see snowman card on my blog)
Every year we buy one or two decorations for the tree .. my favourites being the heavy mercury glass baubles and beaded snowflakes...
I somehow manage to forget most of them until we dig the boxes out of the attic each Christmas.. then it is lovely to be reunited!
Michele xxx

Pixiedust said...

Lovely tree decs, The little nutcracker men are cute, and the vintage baubles are very pretty. xx

Nichocacola said...

Oh my, what lovely tree decorations! And what superb nutcrackers ;-)

sharie said...

I'm getting into vintage christmas decorations. You hav some lovely ones and I can imagine it is quite exciting pulling them out and rediscovering them after nearly twelve months of them being packed away.

Ragged Roses said...

I was up in our loft on Saturday and stumbled across our tree decorations, I am always so happy to see them again, it seems that they all have such particular memories attached to them. Yours look gorgeous, looking forward to seeing your tree

This Vintage Life... said...

You've got a great collection there. It's wonderful to dig out the ones you've had for years isn't it? They have so many memories attached.

Most of mine are vintage and I just love them. They take me straight back to being a child as all we had on the tree then were old glass baubles and pipe cleaner men (although I leave the tinsel off my own tree!)
I really have a soft spot for candle clips with candles; I have lit them, just for a minute and they look so wonderful; oh, and clip on glass birds....I could go on and on!
Deb x

funkymonkey said...

You have loads of wonderful decorations so it is difficult to pick a favourite - but I do like the nutcrackers.

MelMel said...

Going to print it off and give it out on thurs at my Chidminding group!

Brill...thanks Sal.....thats cheered me up!

Love your CK buys!xxx

Rosie said...

I love the old glass decorations, I remember trimming the tree with those when I was a child - we used to have to be very careful not to shatter them. Then we also had a fairy on the top of the tree. My tree nowadys is quite small and I trim with red and green tinsel and lights with lots of painted, papier mache globes with christmasy scenes, tartan fabric santas and a big red velvet bow on the top.