Monday, 24 November 2008

Culture & lesser culture! It's a new week..and a GIVEAWAY!! ;-)

One morning, during our break in York, we ventured to the fabulous National Railway Museum.

I'd been before but even though I knew what to expect it was still a joy to behold. I am rather nuts about old trains and even more nuts about those lovely old railway posters depicting the golden age of rail travel.

My Grandfather was an engine driver with GWR, in the day of the steam train. I often heard tales about the hard work, not to mention the dirty conditions! These things, which we tend to forget when we look through our rosy tinted specs at those days gone by!

Occasionally, I can still sniff the past, as I walk into any station..because within the fabric of the place remains the 'ingrained grime of generations'!
(*I've been longing to use that phrase for a very long time....I used it once in a sociology essay and was 'dead chuffed' at the time!!! ;-)
So talking of 'dead chuffed' (!) we wandered around the museum to our hearts content.
Amazingly, all the trains were on time!
No prizes for recognising this! Mallard.
Mallard holds the world speed record for steam traction on rail. The record was set on the 3rd July 1938 when the locomotive was recorded travelling at 126 mph.
I loved all of the posters around the museum.

Cathedrals and trains seem to sit well together in this museum .

I'd love this in my garden....!

Before we left the museum, I roamed around the shop...which is a good one..and purchased the mounted print at the top of this post...yes I was truly smitten with York.
But oh my, no time to waste as we had an important date to get to, in the afternoon... and one that I did not want to miss!
You have to laugh, don't you?
(This is where culture goes right out of the window!)
As you can see it was standing room only at York City FC!!
(Gold star for looking a prize idiot, methinks! )

For your information (which might be a tad too much!), Mr Snippets had just sampled the 'luxurious' York City loos! (Only one wall and no roof!!LOL) and emerged to tell the tale.
And the scarf is not mine; it was draped across me for photographic purposes only!
(Plus.. I truly am smiling! It was just getting chilly.)
Torquay won the match.
York City play at the Kit Kat Stadium. (formerly Bootham Crescent)
Both teams play in the Blue Square Premier League.
And celebrate my recent blog's the competition:
What is Mr Snippets saying to Sal (or vice versa) in this highly hilarious snap?

Answers on here please...the wittier the better...winner'll get a small gift in the post!! (Probably something left over from the fair as I am tired from crafting !!) ;-) LOL!
You have until the weekend..30th Nov!
Good Luck !


Country Cottage Chic said...

"D'you think Jayne has got sweeties for the fair?"


PS: A message for Mr Snippets - sweeties for husbands will be at the top of my priority list for the next fair!

funkymonkey said...

'I told you there weren't many Torquay fans travelling'.

Sorry Sal that was cheeky. I'm sure yu weren't the only ones there!

Bobbbie Lynn said...

I love the old trains too. In our lovely State Capital, Sacramento California there is a wonderful train museum there and other interesting buildings regarding California history. But the train museum was spectacular and I do want to go back there again someday.

Simone said...

Sal to Mr Snippets. 'Was it something I said?'

Amy said...

I have missed your giveaway contest but I would say anyway...
"Honey, why not go see what the ladies room is like and we'll compare luxuries or lack there of!"

Thanks for the tour of the train museum. It was fun to come along with you. We have a museum with trains and cars a few hours from us and I always enjoy a visit, as do the kids, when we make the trip.

Josie-Mary said...

I dread to think what he was saying!!!!

I've tagged you & given you an award... sorry!!!
Have a good day :)

Josie-Mary said...

Yep I'm working til 6pm that night, I had the joy of working til 8pm last week ... we had about 4 customers in from 5pm but at 7.45 a older couple came in to buy all their Christmas presents & wouldn't leave in the end they were locked in!!!! Hope to see you then :)

Shirl said...

Lovely photos; York is still as beautiful as ever.

"Do you fancy an ice-cream?" is my offering lol!

Lace hearts said...

"Drat." mumbled Mr Snippets. "Wrong time. Wrong day. Wrong year. Mumble mumble. How did we manage that? Mumble. Never mind, keep smiling, dear, and we'll entertain your blog readers instead! Ouch these seats are cold. Mumble."

Cowboys and Custard said...

Mr Snippets to Mrs Snippets.." Well if your'e the Lone Ranger does that make me Tonto? "

This one might be a little obscure

I love steam trains Sal.. we hear the steam train coming in to Bath station sometimes and I always rush to the window to watch the billowing plumes of steam through the trees.. It is all very romantic and reminiscent of The Railway Children... one of my all time faves!

Michele x

sharie said...

"Are you sure we have the right day Sal? Place seems a bit empty...."

LOL it is always happening to me that. I just blogged about it and when I saw your photo it seemed appropriate!

Mary said...

Loved the pics from York Sal - I've got to get there some day - if only it was closer to Devon! Keep saying we should come over and visit the rest of England - but it's really difficult not to spend the precious time 'at home'.

When my brother was at the Torquay Boys' Grammar in the 60's, he was cast in a play and had to have a Yorkshire accent. His favorite practice line was - and is appropriate here - "BY GUM ME BUM'S NUMB". As you can imagine it was hard for a Devonshire boy to get that right!!!! Bet you were saying it on that obviously chilly day on a hard seat. Glad they won!
Hugs - Mary.

Tilly Rose said...

As you say he had just been to the little boys room i think he is saying ' Thats better'

Jane W said...

I think Mr "S" is saying "Blimmy we were lucky to get these seats!"

Jane W

Jane W said...

I think Mr "S" is saying "Blimmy we were lucky to get these seats!"

Jane W

Wild Rose said...

Fancy a Kit-Kat?!?

Sorry, it's the best I could come up with and I deliberately didn't look at the other comments before I thought of it...

I love the Railway Museum too. If you enjoyed this, you should consider the Wartime Weekend (October) in Pickering. It is even an excuse to get dressed up in period costume.

Marie x

Mr Snippets said...

No! Sal
A good ventriloquist talks through his teeth whilst smiling
You don't cover your mouth with a scarf, so that they can't see your lips moving
And stop trying to work me with your foot