Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Christmas Village; Christmas books and Christmas shopping!

Yesterday, having taken all of my Bridgewater Pottery off my hall dresser, it was time to crawl into the kitchen cupboard... and look what I found!!
'Christmas Village' always brings a big smile to my face! I love it, I've collected it for years and never tire of it.

After that it was out with the Christmas books ..none of which are new, I've had them for years too! But I love to get them out about now.. and dip into them!

One of my faves is this old book, by Woman's Day.

Lots of old fashioned ideas !

This next book is an excellent book for crafting whether on your own or with children...you get loads of ideas and templates!

Another useful little book is :

And this :

This one I used years and years ago in my classroom..it has lots of lovely info about Christmas in other countries.

This is full of ideas, cooking,crafting etc

And finally my little Christmas 'stand by' book! So much packed into something so little.(Whatever did happen to that little mag, 'Home and Freezer Digest'?)

And so, all things considered, I'm feeling well set up for Christmas ! Better still, all of my lessons for Thursday have rearranged and I find myself able to go to Exeter for late night Christmas shopping! 'Yippee' and 'Yay' and words of that sort! ;-)


Tilly Rose said...

Hi Sal, Have just been informed that 'Exeter' is closed on Thursday due to the fear of a woman on a mission to spend arriving from Newton Abbot !!!!

I have both of my small boys tomorrow morning so can do FRiday afternoon when I will only have one if thats better for you. They are very good but they are small boys if you get my drift. Or we could meet in Newton FRiday PM for a coffee and cake and maybe a little sniff around the charity shops still got to finish off my cosy swop......


Kitty said...

I LOVE those Happy Ho-ho's. Are they made of felt? How are they made? Brilliant books! x

Rosie said...

The Mason's Ironstone 'Christmas Village' is so pretty and festive - love all the seasonal books, too:)

Lace hearts said...

I love the Christmas village - it must be such a happy feeling getting it all out. And what a nice selection of books.

Things Hand Made said...

I am just about to get out all my christams books aswell! My boys loved the christams book I bought form you see we have been ankle deep in sequins and old christams cards making their own!

April said...

I love your Christmas dinner service. I've got that World of Christmas book too, but mine has a different cover

April xx

HOA Mgr Lady said...

What a lovely suprise to see MY china in your blog. I need to go home tonight and get it out and display it. I have also ben collecting for years and it just brings a smile to my face when I see it each Christmas. It looks wonderful on your blog!
A fan in California

French Knots said...

I have been getting my Christmas books out too and getting in the mood. I have splurged on a new one - Christmas Joy by Susan Branch which is really sweet.
I always look for Family Circle Christmas recipe books as my Mum used to make a gooey cake called Crisp and Hearty when we were little and i'd love to recreate it.

This Vintage Life... said...

Looking at your pictures has made me realise I don't possess ONE Christmas related book, cooking OR crafts...hmmm, I think a visit to Amazon is called for!
Deb x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely cheerful set of china!
I also have my Christmas books & I keep the Christmas issues of magazines too for inspiration!

Enjoy your shopping.

Country Bliss said...

Oh I'm all excited now, your Christmas village china is delightful, great books too.
Yvonne x

Simone said...

I remember Home and Freezer digest! I had forgotten all about it until now! I also used to have that M&S Christmas cookery book in the photo. I love the look of the Christmas Village china. I bet your home is getting all christmassy!

Curlew Country said...

Oh Sal what fab inspiration. My mum has the Christmas from the Freezer book - think I'll have to go and borrow it!

What a sweet, sweet china set too. Must make you really smile. I went to the Spode factory in Stoke today to buy a couple of mugs with their famous Christmas Tree design for my boys before the company fianlly closes down for good. Such a shame, another piece of local history gone, but I'm pleased I've got a couple of future heirlooms for our cupboard.

Enjoy Exeter, another lovely, lovely place.

summerfete said...

Well Sal that's got me in a festive mood!
I've got my decorations out now and put up some lights and found the only christmas book I have! I need more!
Glad you had a great time at the fair. I hope to make the next one in May.
Thanks for your well wishes, nothing a good dose of homemade apple crumble can't fix!
Clare x

sharie said...

I just LOVE the Christmas Village plates and cups that you have collected. It must be a wonderful feeling getting them all out to display.
Great selection of books too

Vintage to Victorian said...

I have the same Home & Freezer Digest Christmas book - at least I did have. I'm sure it's still with us somewhere. I also kept just one of those little books which had a coffee and hazelnut cake recipe. That is the only cake EVER that I have cooked which was actually edible when it came out of the oven. But I have lost it. In one of our many moves it ended up in the throw out pile as opposed to the keep for posterity pile.

Buying the Digest each month was money very well spent. Shame it vanished.


Rhondi said...

Hi Sal
Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving. I love Christmas china and Christmas books too!
Hugs, Rhondi

carolyn said...

What a wonderful selection of Christmas books you have there, I really fancy some of those stripey stockings.

Wild Rose said...

Oh I love your Christmas Village set! Have fun with your Christmas preparations.

Marie x

twiggypeasticks said...

your christmas village set is WONDERFUL and I love your Christmassy books, I love vintage craft books
Twiggy x