Friday, 6 June 2008

An 'E' ;-)

Wednesday night brought a tear to my eye ;-(
One of my pupils finished his English lessons with me. One of the nicest lads I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside. What fun we've had during the last six years!
Anyway, he brought me chocolates and then he sat down and wrote something for me to remember him by (all tongue in cheek,I hasten to add!):

Mother, one day, decided to take me to extra English lessons!
We spent a bloomin' fortune on it and do you know what? I got an 'E'! An 'E'!!
I spent six years going to that wretched place! Six years of wasting my Wednesday evenings! I could've done something useful,like to my mates...(or even knitting!) like any normal teen would do.
I said, 'Mum,it's not doing me any good!'
But she always argued,'Well, it is, because you can read now!'
Well, whoopee do for me! What does she think TV is for? (silly woman!)

This Sally Hall (that was her name) always urged me not to use 'said'! Well, 'said, said, said, SAID..there, stuff E!!!

'Daniel, Daniel,' shrieked mum.
'What?! I shouted back.
'Something's come in the post for you.'
'Cool! Something in the post, I wonder what that could be?!'

The letter read:

'We regret to inform you that there has been a mix up in your English grade...'

'Oh great', I suppose I've failed!
I got...I got an.... A*.... UNBELIEVABLE...An A star!'

Lucky I went to those English lessons !!! ;-)

As you can see,the chocolates represent exactly what he really thought of my lessons ;-)
But we'll have to wait until August,to see his results in English Language and English Literature. In the meantime,all the best Daniel.It's been a pleasure. Wednesday evenings just won't be the same!
(And,because I know you will be reading this... if you get any 'E's, I'll throttle you. Sal;-)


Simone said...

He looks like a lovely lad and I bet you are a great teacher.

Cowboys & Custard said...

This was a very emotive read Sal...
I am sure you have made a huge impact on that delightful young lad's life...
One that he will never forget and will value above others... for sure!


Nichgull said...

Absolutely brilliant!


Katherines Dream said...

Brilliant! what a great reward for all your dedication Sal.
Carol x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

How fab! What a well-taught chappy. His little essay was great. Good luck Daniel. You ought to get blogging then you can practise your English a bit more. :o)

Garden girl said...

That boy has good tsate in chocolate as well as tutors, i would say! I certainly didn't present the tutor my parents got in for me for maths with chocolates at the end of our time together, boring man! Sounds and looks (from Daniels smile) that you have done a fab job though- best of luck with the results, Daniel!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL! Funny and sweet--I'll bet it feels good to know what an impact you have made in that boy's life! How wonderful for both of you *wipes away a tear* All that good feeling, and chocolate too!! Yeah!
Smiles, Karen

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a fab story!

Poppy Black said...

Great writing, and wicked sense of humour too! Congratulations. If only every young person who was finding reading and writing a big challenge could have individual lessons with an amazing teacher.

Loved the visit to the soap shop. Lemon grass and lemon verbena are two of my favourite fragrances. I wish I could have joined you in your divine kitchen for craft morning. I could do with some crochet tips! XXX

this is my patch said...

What a nice lad! x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Good Luck Daniel. I have a cousin who looked just like you when he was your age. At first glance I wondered what Sal was doing with a photo of him!

anne bebbington said...

Good luck Daniel and all the other teenagers busily revising away - the sort of kids who don't make the news binge drinking and mugging old grannies

Viv said...

I've decided I'm definitely very SAD. I enlarged each photo to see what resources you were using. Now only another teacher would do that!!!

Good luck deserve to do well