Monday, 10 March 2008

A Birthday, Arsenal....and a Bagatelle Wizard!

The Gardener's Assistant by John Haskins

I gave this card to my dad yesterday.I thought it was rather nice.

Yesterday was my dad's 82nd birthday! That's a lot of flippin' candles! ;-)
At lunchtime, we all enjoyed a rather excellent carvery meal at a place halfway between Newton Abbot and Torquay ! I recommmend it if you live in South Devon.
But what to give him? That really was a dilemma!
In the end we all clubbed together and gave him...

My Dad, you see, is a lifelong Arsenal supporter. Since he was a young lad he has followed the club's fortunes.

Not only that, over the years, he has put pen to paper and posted off his thoughts to various Arsenal managers, if he has felt that the players, 'could do better'. LOL! ;-)

Well, one such letter, which my dad wrote to a past Arsenal manager ( Bertie Mee) , received such a wonderful went something like this....

Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your thoughts.
However, having just won one of the most difficult leagues in the footballing world... AND the F.A. cup......... etc etc!!'

My dad showed us this letter recently and how we laughed! This was the year that Arsenal had won what is known as 'The Double' ! (The League and the Cup)!

But that's not all!! Back to my dad's birthday ! He then had to 'tackle' this somewhat larger gift...

And here's my DH looking on (excitedly maybe... as it is his birthday on Friday ! )

When I was a child, the one thing that we loved to play with was my dad's old Bagatelle.
Bagatelle was hugely popular many years ago and was the predecessor of the modern Pinball game.
Do you know that the history of the game is quite fascinating.You can read more here:
I think my dad enjoyed his day.
Meanwhile, I am looking forward to being invited for my first Bagatelle evening!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Sal, what a lovely post, thank's for sharing your dad's birthday, he looks a real sweetheart!
Lucy x

cd&m said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Mary said...

Would that have been 'The Hare & Hounds' by chance? Love it there and they always do something veggie for me because I don't eat anything 'carved'!!!!

Glad you spoiled your Dad on his special day - Happy Birthday to him!

Wasn't I lucky with the motto ware? I'm thrilled with these pieces. Was almost going to splurge on a teapot but noticed a crack at the bottom - would have been scared to pour boiling water in it, and didn't want it just to display at the high price.

Looks like a fun time at your house as always!!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What a lovely birthday pressie for your dad, sounds like he had a lovely time, it's my dads birthday on Saturday and I never know what to buy him!!! Thanks for your comment, I think thats why I loved the house so much as there were so many things in the house that reminded me of my childhood home including the awful chick tiles!!

Mary said...

Sal - I've been trying to leave Terry a comment but every time I complete the 'image verficiation' box it declines it - have tried many times to send.............and it was such a brilliant comment, LOL!!!! Tell him something isn't working right today.

Perhaps the winds HAVE blown him away - hope not!

julia said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, I bought Ian a Bagatelle game for his birthday and he (and the children) love it!
Julia x

Jennie said...

Happy birthday to Sal's Dad!!!
That is such a lovely card your chose for him.


I am glad your Dad had a great day, say Happy Belated Birthday from me. x