Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Easter snippets

Yesterday, I made an Easter tree!

I found a piece of fallen branch in the garden and then hey presto!

My lovely Easter tablecloth came from Fuerteventura!

It does not get much use. Easter is over with in a flash and it is not something that one can drag on a little longer, as you can with Christmas.

Matching napkins make it complete.

And here are the Easter pals, all waking from their long rest in the cupboard.

Inspired by the 'Show and Tell/Giveaways', I've gathered together all my Easter bits which spend almost all year in a dark place.

Amanda (Shabby Chick at Totnes) sold me these pieces of china, years ago, when she was in the Newton Abbot Antiques Centre. I wonder if she remembers these.

I love the little daffs but always thought that it was odd that the leaves were more autumnal!I have a few plates and bowls but only one cup and saucer ;-(

So it's no good inviting you to join me for a cuppa! I'll have to do that alone ;-(


Ragged Roses said...

You've made me want to get decorating!! I'm holding back on Easter for a while as there seems to be an awful lot going on at the moment, but seeing all your lovely decorations has sorely tempted me! Love the china

julia said...

Easter has well and truly landed in your house, it looks lovely!
My daughter would be in her element there, her favourite colour is yellow, guesss I'd better get my act into gear and start "easterising" this house!
Julia x

Kitty said...

Oh Sal - it all looks so lovely! x

Suzie Sews said...

Lovely, I adore Egg trees. I so love your little bunny so cute!!!

Mary said...

Your Easter things are delightful, I love the tablecloth!!! I'm getting my bunnies out soon.
I found 5 real goose eggs (blown of course!) at the antiques shop - pristine white so may just leave them that way and mix with some faux speckled eggs I have.

Sal - do you have any Torquay Motto Ware by chance? I've always wanted some since finding it's collectible now - should have bought it when I was a girl but we thought it just tourist stuff? I've just had a phone call from a guy who's selling his late mother's small collection - I'm planning to get a gander at it on Sun. but not sure how valuable it is, what I should pay etc. I might like the sugar and creamer, or a jug if he has one. On e-bay some pieces are cheaper - private dealer sales much higher! Sorry didn't mean to rabbit on here on your comments - just got carried away!
Have a great weekend.

weirdbunny said...

Thanks for your email, your blog is lovely. Just to let you know, my blog is closed down and I'm not continuing with it .... sorry love Julia x


I can't believe your little rabbits are cooped up in a little box for a year, they must come out looking very squashed, it must be a relief for them to see daylight! I think you could keep your cloth out for the whole of spring, it wouldn't look out of place. I like the yellow tea service, it is such a cheery design. x

Jennie said...

Wow what a fantastic collection of Easter items! I am jealous (in a nice way).

Knitting Mania said...

Such wonderful Easter snippets...enjoyed the eggs on your Easter tree, pretty!