Saturday 21 January 2023

Using poetry as inspiration. A class double act!


I’m excited! 😂

Poetry has always excited me. For many people, I get that it does not excite them, but for me…it’s a wow! I love reading it, teaching it, analysing it, studying the words phrases and language features and I love writing it too! For me,it’s a wonderful form of writing and I feel that it ought to be used more widely, for inspiration.

And so, when I saw, on Twitter, that one of my favourite modern artists, Angela Harding, had taken one of my most favourite ever poems and used it as inspiration for her possible, next advent calendar, I was doubly excited!

The poem is ‘The Thought Fox’ by Ted Hughes.

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  1. Love Angela Harding - have her wall calendar annually and bought her book last year.


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