Thursday, 30 March 2017

Act 2 !

So, the show goes on.

(And I always thought that Agatha Christie's  'The Mousetrap' 

was long running!)

This is the area where I spend many pleasant hours. 

I can 'pot up' to my heart's content in this happy place.

I've been repotting all of my herbs in order to give them

a new lease of life. I love herbs but I especially

have a passion for Thyme!

These are Primula Vialii.

They die right off in the winter and just when you think

that you might've lost them, up they come.

It's one of my favourite Primula.

I have a kind of trug fest going on here! Or a trug ' love in!'

I bought them at a Winchester market, a couple of years ago.

I love their colours... and don't want to dirty them...yet!!


This is my 'environmental area...some might say that it resembles

 a junk yard but it's a corner of the garden where I really wanted

 to re-useand re-purpose all sorts of things 

which I feel still have some life left in them.

It's a haven for all sorts of mini beasts, all quietly getting 

on in their own sweet way.

And in the front garden...

...these little beauties just don't want to make their exit!

I'm amazed at their longevity!

So, it's all going well, right now!

Time for some more seed sowing, methinks!

You reap what you my motto!

Happy gardening! ;-)

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Time for coffee! ;-)

It's always a pleasure to have coffee with my daughter 

and today we found ourselves in Coffee 1, which is situated

 in the centre of Newton Abbot.

It just so happened that we were the only people upstairs

so I did a a quick flit around with

my camera before the place started to become busy.

I didn't even know that an upstairs existed!

Adorning the walls are posters of covers of well known books....

Also on offer was a bag of free coffee grounds...

as well as interesting quotes....and some very useful 

information regarding Welsh cakes...

Someone has also taken the time to research a 

snippet or two of local history...

John Lethbridge is buried in Wolborough churchyard ...

the very church where I was christened.

All in all, a very interesting coffee time!