Monday, 6 February 2017

The best of weekends! ;-)

A birthday is always a pleasant affair, especially if it's at the weekend 

and one can drag it out a little! ;-)

Naturally, it's made all the better when visitors pop in!

(Although it did clash with the rugby!)

A bunch of red tulips always gladdens the heart!

As do food gifts, especially when they are sent in such pretty

containers as this.

He always chooses a lovely card!

As does everyone else.

Gorgeous flowers from my these soaps,

packed full of sweet scent.

A surprise box...

Open it up and hey presto!

Sweet perfume for the Garden Room...aptly named.

More flowers...

This quirky clock...which made me  smile.

And then, on Sunday, I found myself here for birthday lunch...

The stunningly, beautiful Osborne Hotel.

So all in all...a very fine weekend !