Sunday, 13 August 2017

In the August garden

I've loved the garden this year! Everything has behaved!

It dare not with me in charge!!

Whilst June and July seemed to have been full of pinks, blues and purples,

August has entered with the theme of yellow...and so sunny it is too!!

Rudbeckia, Coreopsis and Echinacea (to name a few), appear to have popped up

without me almost noticing...and thus nudged other plants out of the way!

It's lovely, as we haven't had the sunniest of Julys!

August isn't that great either!

But the yellow in the garden has more than made up for the lack of sun.

My one 'pain in the neck' has been a mole!

Molehills everywhere!!

I bought a 'gizmo' but that hasn't worked too well

and thus 'Molevolio' ( as a friend nicknamed it)

is still being a right nuisance!!!

Oh well...I suppose they have to exist somewhere!

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the days of buying endless bags of compost, will soon be over!

We are now the proud owners of three compost bins...thanks to my other half!

It's all going on at the bottom of the garden!

And as these photos were taken a month ago, I can now report that the bins

are in use and we are composting whatever we can !!

(Within reason!)

This all occurs behind my summerhouse!

Oh yes! It's a wonderful thing, the garden!!

I wonder what September has in store?


Sunday, 30 July 2017


This morning, we ventured to a place which, for us, is only a ten minute drive.

Parke, just outside Bovey Tracey.

It is a delightful spot. 

Obviously the first thing that one does before setting off to walk,

is to partake of some fine fare!

The cafe was pleasant, the service was very friendly and the food was excellent.

At Parke you have a number of options when it comes to walking routes.

It was good to stroll and chat.

Parke House is not open to the public as it is leased to the

 Dartmoor National Park Authority as its headquarters.

On the way back, I noticed a small collection of old farm carts; 

what wouldn't I give to have one of these at the bottom of my garden!

A very lovely morning indeed!!

For more information, click here

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Topsham open gardens...NGS.

Last week, we had a lovely trip, trekking around the open gardens in Topsham.

The first garden was delightful, with some tree ferns which were

beauties and there was also a very peaceful place to rest...

Everything was beautifully done, considering that it was once a bit of a mess!!!

We made our way to the second garden feeling very inspired

This pretty alleyway caught my eye.

The next garden was right by the River Exe.

It too was a delight...and the cake and teas were the best I've ever enjoyed!

We left, feeling suitably satisfied!

On to garden number 3!

Garden number 3 was my type of garden, very much in my style.

The sweet peas were stunning...(better than mine!)

All in all, it was a  fabulous day!