Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Gardening...vintage style...a new patch! ;-)

Hidden away, half way down the garden, is a shady patch which is delightful!

It used to be where we dumped dead plants and clippings...

but now my other half has cleared it and given me a little space in which to

make what I will call my own environmental area.

So it's a work in progress!

I recently acquired some old tyres! Well...they soon made themselves

 totally at home in my new patch... did a few of my old garden tools and pots.

A splash of's amazing the bargains you can find if you look hard enough!!

My dad's old tin trunk has a special place and adds that vintage feel...

I'm sure he'd be delighted! ;-)

I haven't really got going yet this space!!

Meanwhile, here are some other patches in my garden

 that I love to visit every day....


KC'sCourt! said...

Very pretty garden, Love the red welly-boots
Julie xxxxxx

Nich said...

Ah-ha, what a great reclamation space - inspirational and completely in keeping with your garden. I love the late summer colour, everything's looking very good indeed!