Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy Sunday!

It's a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon and as I returned home from seeing

 my mum, earlier, the roses seemed to jump out and greet me.

I think that I'm enjoying my gardening at Woodpeckers more than I ever have.

This is Blush Rambler and it adds a perfect contrast to the very lovely,

 brighter, pink rose which we inherited when we moved here.

 (Thus, I don't know the name of it.)


'Around the back'...

I've been thrilled to see that the ramblers, which were only

 planted a year ago, have come into their own.

This one is Kew Rambler...and it is stunning!

The rose below is Francis E Lester and it's a joy to behold....its first year of flowering

has produced so many beautiful blooms.

American Pillar...well what can I say?

I have three of these lovely rambling roses in my garden and they

do not disappoint!

My bee balm (Bergamot), which I sowed from seed, has been a huge success as have my 

Pansies...these with the frizzly petals are cuteness personified...

 if ever there could be such a thing!

I don't buy much in the way of established plants but I couldn't resist this

stunning Geranium and equally lovely Fuchsia...Devonshire Dumpling very favourite Fuchsia.

I also picked up this Achillea on my travels... well as a pack of Coleus, which I have potted into larger pots.

Lovely colours!

Oh My!!

Is that the time?

My potting shed has had a slight revamp and tidy up

and here's a new addition...a clock.

Of course when one is so busy in the garden.... should always make the time to take a break, sit back and contemplate!

I find myself doing that very frequently. ;-)

And this is what I took to my mum, yesterday:

The fruits of my labour...

Cheery or what?

Happy Sunday!

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