Friday, 15 April 2016

Happy Weekend!

It's been a wet day here in sunny South Devon.

(But the garden needs it!)

So what to do?

Well, we nipped up the road to a place called 'Plants Galore'.

I have to admit that it's not my favourite place; I try to like it but I fail, miserably!

I yearn for the old fashioned nurseries of yesterday!

I don't even like the modern garden centres,

 that pack in all things that are in no way connected with gardening!

'Plants Galore', does however stick to plants and garden sundries

and it's a 'stone's throw', so I've made my yearly

visit and that's it!

I came home with some very tasty Primula, which needed

instant re-potting... as they were bursting out of their pots

not to mention dry as a bone!

But they look good now!

And I have to admit that they look to be strong and healthy.

 I also grabbed two Lewisia. 

Now then, here's an interesting fact:

These delightful plants are named after  Meriwether Lewis

of 'Lewis and Clark' fame.

I  actually didn't know this... but I have a very able and knowledgeable 

gardening mate who is also nosing in books to find out more!


This tray of jolly Pansies also came back down the hill

with me;  I cannot resist Pansies, their merry faces cheer me, no end,

as do these old mugs, which have seen better days but

I think are rather lovely to be homes to two of my plants.

I am really loving the garden this April! ;-)

I'm now settling down to watch my favourite programme of the week,

Gardeners' World.

Happy weekend, to you all!

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