Monday, 10 August 2015

Tessier Gardens in August!

There's a little, hidden gem at St Marychurch, Torquay and that's where

we spent half an hour, on Saturday, having time to kill before making our

way to watch Torquay United.

This is Tessier Gardens, which we first discovered back in February, 

when the garden had its winter coat wrapped around it and there was little sign

of life...which you can see here.

But now, Tessier Gardens has come alive and what was in store was a real treat!!

Splashes of colour greeted us and continued to guide us around these lovely gardens.

There were armies of Japanese Anemones; masses of Globe Thistles; 

sprinklings of blue Veronica ...and oh so much more!

But the biggest treat of all was the walkway under the arch.

Lined with so many varieties of Dahlia, I could hardly believe my eyes!

My mind travelled back to last February...what a transformation!

It was simply beautiful; so pretty; so cheery.

I don't grow many Dahlias in my garden but my mum told me that the railwaymen

who worked on the allotments, many years ago, in Newton Abbot,

were experts at growing the most beautiful Dahlias.

I can quite understand why!

I'll definitely be growing Dahlias, next year!

If you live in the Torquay pay a visit!

It's well worth it!

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