Saturday, 27 June 2015

RHS Rosemoor ...stunning! ;-)

Judged by the panel at Sal's Snippets ...first prize for the loveliest place to visit

in Devon this summer....

RHS Rosemoor

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

This little alpine house was full of delights.

You simply can't beat this beautiful garden for colour, form, shape...and surprises!

Luckily, it was  'Roses weekend'

On we walked...

It might have been 'Roses weekend' but the Foxgloves weren't giving up the battle

to win a place in my heart and, coming up behind them, there were so many

other contenders!

We took Nich and Lizzie with us and they wandered to their hearts content... they disappeared into the distance, I was hoping that they'd gain

 much inspiration for their new garden!

Meanwhile, I was on a mission...Poppy hunting!

(Amongst other things!)

Rosemoor, for me, is one big box of delights.

Here's my other half...desperate to put a pond into our garden...

he's looking for ideas, I bet!

I loved this combination of Foxgloves and Sweet Peas...

And the wild flower meadows have a certain charm of their own.

Give me a rickety old fence and a load of Foxgloves... any day!

Off to the kitchen garden...

Thank goodness there's a place to stop, for sustenance:

Lady Anne's House.

And then the walk back again...

Returning to the alpine house...

Many thanks to my wonderful chauffeur and companion...



LB1989 said...

What a lovely day it was, thank you for inviting us:). We got lots of inspiration and spent this afternoon pottering about our garden planning lots of things and admiring our lovely new Rose:). If only our garden was bigger, I'd have tunnel of Foxgloves and Marigolds like the stunning example at Rosemoor xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Its lovely there, we went last year. Like you I love poppies
Julie xxxxxx

galant said...

Years since we went there ... you are right, it's stunning.
Margaret P