Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I wish all post offices were this pretty! ;-)

Got a letter to post?

Then come with me to the prettiest post office in the country!

Nicholas Pevsner, a famous scholar of the history of art and the history of architecture, 

called this, 'The most famous of Cornish stone cottages,

low, dark, picturesque with roofs like a cluster of hills and a 

slatey hue like elephant hide.'

Built in the 14th century as a yeoman's farmhouse, this now famous building

with its everso wavy, undulating roof, 

has a real magical appeal to both old and young.

During Victorian times, one room in this farmhouse,

 was used as the 'letter receiving office' for the village.

But it's the garden which is so beautiful...and never fails to disappoint.

Each season brings with it new delights to this lovely

cottage garden....and each delight cannot fail to inspire.

It's a haven of peace and quiet; one could sit here all day and quite happily

read a book, sketch or paint.

There is so much to inspire!

 We're here at the beginning of June, which is just about the best time to 

witness herbaceous borders come into their own!

A visit is a must!

Small... but beautifully formed; simply lovely!

The Old Post Office, Tintagel

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Andi's English Attic said...

I only had to read the title of your post to guess which post office you were writing about. I love Tintagel and it's neighbour, Boscastle. So pretty.