Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The pleasure of poetry ;-)

Today, I found the loveliest book.

Packed with poetry and inspiring illustrations, I knew

that it would make a great addition to the resources

in my teaching room.

I've always enjoyed poetry;

I often think that it's such a shame

that so many children have a dislike for this type of writing.

During the past few years, I have found that many of my pupils

 have to study war poetry more than any other type

of poetry. I can honestly

 say that we have certainly 'done it to death'. 

I'm not saying that war poetry doesn't have a place

in the curriculum. Yet, however thought provoking

this type of poetry can be, there are also

so many other themes and subjects that could be studied

and these are often overlooked.

Introduced in the right way, I am sure that poetry could

be made far more enjoyable...especially

as poetry has to be studied, in depth, at GCSE.

I spotted this lovely book in The National Trust shop...a bargain at

a very well, reduced price!