Saturday, 21 June 2014

RHS Rosemoor

In 1988, Lady Anne Palmer (daughter of Robert Horace Walpole)

 gave Rosemoor to the RHS.

This consisted of the house, an 8 acre garden and 32 acres of pastureland.

Thankfully, we live near enough to Rosemoor, to pay regular visits!

Who would have thought that, in spite of the heavy clay soil

 and in such a short space of time, this stunningly

beautiful garden would soon be drawing hundreds of visitors every day?

I never tire of visiting RHS Rosemoor, just as I never used to tire of visiting

 RHS Wisley.  Both are quite different and yet both inspire, in their own unique way.

   Do enjoy a wander with me!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Under the stairs!! ;-)

When it comes to pretty note books, I'm a bit of a sucker!

This one below, I've had for about 20 years. It's full of my scrawl

but I love the cover and I can't throw it away.

However, I've been looking for some time for a new gardening notebook.

Lo and behold, I didn't have to look far!

I recently found this book....under our stairs, where Nich is storing 

all his books, for the moment! Someone must have

given it to him as a gift, knowing that he loves gardening.

Published by Cico, it's a really lovely note book...the vintage style

photos appeal to me.

Chapter 1 is for notes about your own garden.

Chapter 2 is all about planting.

Chapter 3 is where you can write your weekly diary.

And chapter 4 encourages you to keep organised.

Just what I need!

It's amazing what you find if you go snooping under the stairs!! ;-)

Suffice to say that there are now two copies in this house!

I shopped around and got mine for a silly price !

Well worth it, I should say!  And hopefully, I will not need

to look for another 20 years!


Sunday, 15 June 2014

The sights of Brixham ;-)

Yesterday, we had the most lovely walk around the delightful

town of Brixham.

Steeped in maritime history and all things nautical,

Brixham has vastly improved over the years.

The walk from the Breakwater towards the town

is a delight.

Come with me...for a simple stroll....

As we were having lunch at The Breakwater Cafe, we spotted this beauty, way out at sea.

It's the Jubilee Trust Training ship, 'Tenacious'

What a stunning sight! ;-)

And if you want to read more about Brixham, here's my blog post, from last year: