Thursday, 19 June 2014

Under the stairs!! ;-)

When it comes to pretty note books, I'm a bit of a sucker!

This one below, I've had for about 20 years. It's full of my scrawl

but I love the cover and I can't throw it away.

However, I've been looking for some time for a new gardening notebook.

Lo and behold, I didn't have to look far!

I recently found this book....under our stairs, where Nich is storing 

all his books, for the moment! Someone must have

given it to him as a gift, knowing that he loves gardening.

Published by Cico, it's a really lovely note book...the vintage style

photos appeal to me.

Chapter 1 is for notes about your own garden.

Chapter 2 is all about planting.

Chapter 3 is where you can write your weekly diary.

And chapter 4 encourages you to keep organised.

Just what I need!

It's amazing what you find if you go snooping under the stairs!! ;-)

Suffice to say that there are now two copies in this house!

I shopped around and got mine for a silly price !

Well worth it, I should say!  And hopefully, I will not need

to look for another 20 years!



Nich said...

Haha I'm glad you got your own copy as I'm saving mine for when we have a garden! Actually, Jenny gave it to me a Christmas ago and I'm very much looking forward to using it!

Jenny said...

Yes, it was indeed me!

Sal said...

Ah I should have always give nice pressies!! ;-)