Friday, 23 May 2014

Lovely things.

Our garden is lovely right now and there is very little that can equal

 this stunning sight....yes, it's another regular visit from the

 Great Spotted Woodpecker and one of which we never tire.

I don't find it easy to catch this bird in a good pose, as it is always moving!

Thus, I was pretty pleased with this snap!

I'm pretty pleased with my Foxgloves too...

It was one year ago when dear Mr Snippets decided to

 take out a hedge at the bottom of our garden, leaving me with a bare bank

 to 'deal with!'

This particular area is very much, 'down in the woods'

and so it wasn't very hard to decide what to do with it.

In the autumn, I scattered wild flower seeds, gathered from

a variety of places and I planted Foxgloves,

which I had grown from seed.

Lo and behold, here we are a year later!

Our little wild bank has : Foxgloves; Forget me nots; Pink Campion; 

Herb Robert; Lily of the Valley;  Vetch ; Hostas

Red Valerian ; Ivy ; Ox Eye Daisy; Comfrey and more!

Meanwhile,  in my mum's garden, I am watching these very carefully...

for a reason!

These beauties grew in a previous garden of ours. 

Many years ago, before we moved, I gave my mum some cuttings.

Thankfully, her Poppies have gone from strength to strength, whereas

mine didn't! 

I'm waiting to take some of the dried seed heads; I'll try some from seed

and some from cuttings.

And just when you think that we haven't been out and about...

On Sunday, we had a short, jolly outing to one of our favourite

places for Sunday lunch : The Old Church House Inn at Torbryan.

Carolyn and Kane, who own and run this delightful inn,

are lovely people... you won't be disappointed with

a Sunday lunch or indeed any other meal, here.

The Old Church House Inn also offers accommodation

and so if you want to get away from it all, this is definitely the place

to visit!

With lovely walks and the beautiful South Devon countryside,

what more could anyone want?

Here are the details:

We had a short stroll, as we always do!

It's like another world out here ... talk about 'escape'! 

Good old Devon!  It never disappoints, does it?!


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Delightful Dunsford!

The beautiful village of Dunsford sits just inside The Dartmoor National Park...

and believe me, it is stunningly pretty!

Thatch plays a big part here and the church of St Mary's

watches over the this village as it quietly goes about its life, day after day.

We took a leisurely stroll in the sunshine...

...spotting many interesting little features as we walked.

Various sets of mounting steps are a reminder of the days when the horse

was the main form of transport.

We even found the village tearooms! ;-)

'The Walled Garden' offered us a temporary rest!

Dunsford...well worth a visit!