Sunday, 18 May 2014

Delightful Dunsford!

The beautiful village of Dunsford sits just inside The Dartmoor National Park...

and believe me, it is stunningly pretty!

Thatch plays a big part here and the church of St Mary's

watches over the this village as it quietly goes about its life, day after day.

We took a leisurely stroll in the sunshine...

...spotting many interesting little features as we walked.

Various sets of mounting steps are a reminder of the days when the horse

was the main form of transport.

We even found the village tearooms! ;-)

'The Walled Garden' offered us a temporary rest!

Dunsford...well worth a visit!



Graham said...

Miss Sal, you are the very best at promoting all facets of Devon country life, what superb pictures you take and always find the best tea stops and cafes.
The tourist board should have you as their main spokesperson, I am sure the villages you find would be so grateful to have someone who has their heart in it.
Keep up the great blog, to us far away its our saving grace for the things we miss the most.

Sal said...

Hi Gray!

Thank you for your lovely comment! I am glad that I can send a few ‘snippets’ of Devon, all the way to Canada!

Hope all is well…see you in August… for a conference …in…ummm…the Conference!!

Have a good summer!


Vintage Jane said...

Will definitely try and find this pretty place next we are that way ... M x