Monday, 1 December 2014

Snippets! ;-)

I've discovered a fabulous artist! His name is Mark Loman

and he's a local artist...well local to me, luckily!! ;-)

Above, is his recent take on part of the Cathedral Close, Exeter.

Then there is this, which is under the old iron bridge in Exeter; 

I absolutely love it!

And below, of course, is the view from a certain spot in Topsham,

which I know very well! 

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Mark's art!

Here's his blog:

Here's his website:


Yes, it's that time! The time when one changes the display on the dresser!

Saying 'hello' to my 'Christmas Village' china, is always, for me,

the best part of the run up to Christmas!

And I don't just leave it on display... in our house we use it

throughout the festive period.

There's no point in having something if you don't use it, is there?!

I'm always saying that to Mr Snippets ;-)

I have other pieces too...a smattering of Emma Bridgewater and a few Spode mugs etc

but the Masons  'Christmas Village' will always have a special place in my heart!

I started my collection with one mug, which I bought quite a long time ago

at a shop in Totnes...and my collection just grew and grew, over the years.

Along with the delights of Christmas china, come the delights of Christmas reading!

I'm reading this, at bedtime:

The lovely cover has a certain appeal, don't you think?

                                              The Christmas season has begun...enjoy! ;-)


Mark Loman said...

Hi Thank you for your kind mention on your blog! - Mark Loman

Sal said...

No your work ;-)