Sunday, 10 August 2014

Making me smile ;-)

Hi Sally

What have you done to  ******?

No horrible tantrums about doing his work all week. Three pages of sentence
 reading done today with no errors and no complaints.  Reading on his own 
and coming to me for words he can't get (which are hard....)

Now he has just told me he feels like writing a story about himself and dragons.......

Sally.... I love you ....... I think you must be a miracle worker!!!!!!

See you Monday!

Love   ******


A few days ago, I received the email, above, from one of my customers.

It couldn't have popped up in my inbox at a better time and it certainly

 gladdened my heart!

Life has been quite strained and very hectic, just lately, and when you 

work at home, you have to step into your work room and leave your

 troubles right outside the door. Well, that's what I try to do.

I'm certainly no miracle worker but when this little lad came to me,

 last week, I could sense that all that he really needed was to have someone

 on his side and a big dose of confidence boosting.

And although it was only his first hour, it only took a few moments 

to set that all in motion.

Now I know, already, that he's well and truly on the road to success

 because he has someone who believes in him and in no time at all, 

he'll be believing in himself...well it looks like that has

happened already, doesn't it?! ;-)


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