Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Swallow

I was delighted to have the chance to snap this beautiful bird, on Sunday,

whilst we were roaming around Toby's Reclamation Yard!

I was pretty pleased with the result as I've never managed to

take a good photo of a Swallow!

It reminded me of a poem by John Clare; one of my favourite

poets because of the beauty and simplicity in his words.


The Swallow

Pretty swallow, once again

Come and pass me in the rain. 

Pretty swallow, why so shy?

Pass again my window by. 

The horsepond where he dips his wings, 

The wet day prints it full of rings. 

The raindrops on his airy track 

Lodge like pearls upon his back. 

Then again he dips his wing

In the wrinkles of the spring,

Then oer the rushes flies again, 

And pearls roll off his back like rain. 

Pretty little swallow, fly
Village doors and windows by,
Whisking oer the garden pales

Where the blackbird finds the snails;

Whewing by the ladslove tree

For something only seen by thee; 

Pearls that on the red rose hing

Fall off shaken by thy wing.

On that low thatched cottage stop,

In the sooty chimney pop, 

 Where thy wife and family

Every evening wait for thee.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One swallow does not a summer make
Nor a good night out lol!