Thursday, 15 May 2014


Having a enjoyed a lovely 'mooch' around Avon Mill, we made our way to

Torcross. We parked and walked. Nature, in abundance, eagerly jumped out to greet us;

Fungus and Wild Arum to name but two.

I have to say that this is one of my favourite places in Devon.

It's unspoilt, simple and haven for wildlife.

I love it. It cleanses the soul!

And sleepy Torcross never seems to alter.

I have a thing about mossy walls...delightful!

And here is Slapton Ley; the largest natural lake in south west England.

It is entirely freshwater, separated from the sea only by a narrow shingle bar.

Well, what do you do when you are in Torcross?

Answer: you dive into the Sea Breeze Cafe!

And you won't be disappointed!

Lunch over, another walk and we bid our goodbye to Torcross

until the next time ...because, without a doubt, there will

be a next time.

We walk back to the car feeling very refreshed.

Nature is still very much in our line of vision:

And off we go; the sea on our right, the Ley on our left.

Our little jolly jaunt, in the gorgeous South Hams, is almost over...but not until

Mr Snippets says that he has something to show me!



We drive into the village of Blackawton and

lo and behold....

There certainly aren't many of these around, nowadays!

What a lovely day!



KC'sCourt! said...

I love it there! But why do I know it as Slapton Ley and not Torcross?
Julie xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

One was very disappointed that one didn't recognise one and say hello.
One has to understand that one finds it difficult at times to acknowledge all of one's subjects.
Please accept one's apologies in the first instance and one's appreciation for one's discretion when spotting one on his day orf.