Monday, 8 December 2014

Exeter Christmas Market

We paid a flying visit to Exeter, on Saturday.

As far as Christmas markets go, it was ok!;-)

I'm not a lover of these types of market, partly because of the crowds

and I can never get close enough to see things.

But it was a colourful market and did enough to get

me into the Christmas spirit!

I came away having bought nothing... but I certainly enjoyed 

the sights, sounds and smells of the market!


Monday, 1 December 2014

Snippets! ;-)

I've discovered a fabulous artist! His name is Mark Loman

and he's a local artist...well local to me, luckily!! ;-)

Above, is his recent take on part of the Cathedral Close, Exeter.

Then there is this, which is under the old iron bridge in Exeter; 

I absolutely love it!

And below, of course, is the view from a certain spot in Topsham,

which I know very well! 

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Mark's art!

Here's his blog:

Here's his website:


Yes, it's that time! The time when one changes the display on the dresser!

Saying 'hello' to my 'Christmas Village' china, is always, for me,

the best part of the run up to Christmas!

And I don't just leave it on display... in our house we use it

throughout the festive period.

There's no point in having something if you don't use it, is there?!

I'm always saying that to Mr Snippets ;-)

I have other pieces too...a smattering of Emma Bridgewater and a few Spode mugs etc

but the Masons  'Christmas Village' will always have a special place in my heart!

I started my collection with one mug, which I bought quite a long time ago

at a shop in Totnes...and my collection just grew and grew, over the years.

Along with the delights of Christmas china, come the delights of Christmas reading!

I'm reading this, at bedtime:

The lovely cover has a certain appeal, don't you think?

                                              The Christmas season has begun...enjoy! ;-)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

You can't beat Totnes! ;-)

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I'm at my happiest when I'm here, in Totnes!

So you can stick your big cities and their Christmas markets, 

which are essentially all the same: wooden chalet after wooden chalet and the

 crush crush crush of the crowds! 

It's Totnes, for me! Oh yes!  ;-)

What better way than to start the day here in Fat Lemons?

It's a friendly place; nothing is too much trouble

and the coffee is very good too!

Gold star!

The charity shops in Totnes are also looking very good this year !

We 'did' the charity shops' yesterday, as we had plenty of time

to browse at our leisure.

I'm always pleased to see people taking a pride in their work

and displaying their goods so beautifully.

Moving on...

I never miss a chance to go into 'Narnia'.

This time, I found an old yacht for the 'sailing/nautical'

themed area in my classroom. 


I love Narnia... and the best music is always takes me back to

my student days, when I didn't have a care in the world! ;-)

Moving on...

It was also a big treat to find a shop, which was new to me.

As I stood outside and looked through the window, the shop was calling

'Come in!'

In I went!

This is 'ninety-three totnes'.

It is stunningly beautiful inside and it is full of the most lovely

mid century and retro furniture.

Details :

This one not to be missed!

And I mean not to be missed!

You won't be disappointed with Totnes.

And make sure that you start with your cuppa at the bottom

of the hill... and then have another at the top!

Grey's is another lovely place to take a rest and watch the world go by!

I'm already looking forward to our next trip !

Maybe see you there?!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Weekend break! ;-)

This is the Villa Marina Hotel in Paignton, South Devon.

It's a lovely building which, apparently, was built by Paris Singer

(of the famed Singer Sewing Machine Company) for Isadora Duncan,

with whom he was romantically involved.

And this is where we spent two nights , at the weekend, 

to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

We had the top floor room.

You could be for given for thinking that we were in Paris!

However, the views in the opposite direction were very different...

Torquay! ;-)

And here's the view in the other direction...Brixham and Berry Head:

It being a very warm autumn, Paignton was still very busy, with many people

making their way to the pier. 

Here are a few of the delightful sights of Paignton:

Candy coloured residences.

The blue and cream of the harbour area.

Not forgetting the steam trains.

I spotted this lovely vintage poster...where better place than Devon?

The next day we jumped on a bus to Torquay.

Walking around the harbour, we couldn't fail to notice the big wheel;

a real attraction for some!

However, on Sunday, the wheel was dismantled and it's not

yet known whether it will return.

Personally, I prefer this lovely old building, The Pavilion, 

which has stood in the shadow of the big wheel, over the past few months.

I'm not sure what Agatha Christie (bottom left of the next photo)

 would've thought of the big wheel...maybe she would write a mystery surrounding it!

(with rogues and scoundrels scrambling over the seats as the wheel 

is in get the idea and can picture the scene?!!!LOL)

We had a lovely break; there's nothing like a bit of sea air to 

freshen the soul!

And there's nothing like a line of beach huts to bring a smile to one's face there?! ;-)