Thursday, 12 December 2013

Ha ha from Serena and Neville ( my old pals!)

Well well well!!

I've received my first Christmas card and just look who has sent it to me!

My old friend Serena! You might recall that I received this in 2011:

Well, Serena's delightful card arrived today, along with her 'not so delightful' bragging letter!!

(Funny how I never hear from her at any other time of the year!)

But her letter made me chuckle and I just had to share it (before I rip it up!)

It reminds me of what NOT to be!


Dear All,

2013 started badly for us!

The dog chucked up all over the new Axminster and Churchill wouldn't play ball (and cough up the insurance). Neville was absolutely furious and so he found a very good man to come and restore the gold fleck to its former beauty. Cost a fortune but what with all the dinner parties we host,it was very very necessary.
The dog has since departed ( more about that, later)

We were so pleased with our Italian leather suite that we purchased another, for our conservatory.
Ah yes, the conservatory! A new, but very much needed, addition to our luxurious and lavish home.
I can now sit in comfort whilst watching Neville mow the lawn. In fact I have installed state of the art loudspeakers, outside, so that I can inform Neville when he misses any blades of grass. Remotely controlled from my iPhone,it's the best thing yet. The new iNag...well with the money I have,why not?! I have it remotely ( and wirelessly) linked to the mower's handle so that Neville also gets a short sharp shock to remind him that he has missed a patch. So even if he doesn't hear me, he will feel it! Sheer genius, don't you think! I am so glad that I have excelled in the techno dept this year. 

The 'not so good news' is that the 100 year oak tree, at the bottom of our garden, was blown over in the gales and it landed smack bang on our new summer house! You might think that was calamity for us? Well, thankfully not. No one  was injured....apart from the dog. Dead as as dodo; flat as a pancake. Sadly. Well, maybe not so sadly. We could never forgive him for what he did to the carpet. I always said that the summerhouse wasn't big enough for our needs, so it was a blessing in disguise and we have had another, (twice the size) erected. These things happen for the I was only saying to the ladies at the golf club, last week.

Our holidays, this year, have been most exhilarating!
The South of France, for me, was the highlight. My tan was divine...
and has lasted... and lasted. We then spent a fortnight in the Lake District, which was very relaxing indeed. When you lead such a hectic social life as I do,you need some chilling time. I have to admit that I have never done a days work in my life but I do need to have a change of scenery now and again as the social scene is very exhausting. I did put my foot down and I refused to 'do Devon' again, this year. I find the accent there so awfully common!  Neville disagrees but I take little notice of his opinions. We did Cornwall instead...and took the yacht with us this time. The weather was glorious although I do find the Cornish quite strange at times; maybe that's because most of them are second homes people...but I can hardly talk as we too own a second home (and a third, acquired this year, after our shares did so well!)

As far as the family are concerned, Miles has been promoted to managing director of his firm and Piers is in line for a knighthood, we believe! How exciting is that? I haven't stopped talking about it!
I've chosen my hat, already!
Gloria and Gordon have moved to a house in the country and they now employ a maid, a chauffeur  and a groundsman to look after their estate. It's nice to think that they are following in our footsteps and moving up the ladder in life. 

The grandchildren all excel; even if they leave university with no job to go to, at least their parents will cater for their needs and fund their delayed gap years. Money is no problem in our family...we are blessed with plenty. Our stocks and shares continue to blossom and thrive! Did I mention that already?!

Can you believe that Neville has gone and changed his car... yet again?!
The new BMW has an even better spec and so after a test run we became proud owners of a posh top of the range Beemer with our brand new personalised plate...SNO B1
It has the softest leather interior and gold mug holders...none of that plastic tat, which I read about on someone's blog a few months ago...oh no...real gold to match my jewellery. Neville always says that I deserve the best. He is a poppet.

Finally, we wish you all (and, of course, ourselves) a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Serena and Neville Oscar Blakeley.


Obviously, I must reply to Serena and so I might be gone some time!!! LOL! ;-)