Saturday, 7 September 2013

Honesty is the best policy! ;-)

There are still some lovely things going on in our garden!

As the brilliance of the July annuals fades and disappears

 for another year, the Dahlias make their entrance.

And a strong one it is, for sure!

Just as bold and bright as the summer flowers,

they are a very welcome sight at the beginning of September.

And then there is this beautiful Anemone, which I found recently

I'm just waiting to find place to plant it.

 I  really love the tone of mauve/pink.

And so, for the moment, the garden is getting on quite nicely,

and a grand tidy up will have to wait !

Mind you, we've not had much rain in South Devon, this summer...

at least not in my area ! So a downpour, last night,

 and another today, has been very welcome.


Tomatoes..well what can I say...a real success this year!

And as for the red hot chilli peppers...!

Well done Nich...I was just the waterer!!

You simply cannot beat a home grown greenhouse tomato!

I don't do things by the book!

I collect seeds when I fancy; sow them when I fancy...and I usually

have success.

Late spring saw me eyeing up some very large clumps of Honesty

in the hedgerow, as I was driving back and forth. 

The pretty purple certainly was a sight. 

I waited ...and waited. Patiently.

Then one day, Mr S kindly cut me a few of these

seed heads and I dried them, in the kitchen.

Honesty is also known as Lunaria; the name comes from the word 'lunar',

the seed cases being moon shaped.

In fact, Honesty is probably best known for its seed cases

rather than its flowers, each case being round, flat, translucent and papery.

The wonder of nature, eh?

I know that I'm really late sowing them...some inside, some outside.

But they will survive...

...just like all the other things I have collected and sown recently;

mostly Foxgloves and Poppies.

Looking around, it's been a fantastic summer in the garden

 and if I had to choose anything as my summer fave, I'd choose this Passion Flower

which has trailed constantly over a dead tree trunk, producing so many buds

and brightening up a corner of the garden.

Prolific or has gone on for months!

I think it was just lucky to be planted in the right spot and it seems to

be exceedingly happy where it is.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Port Isaac

Last week, we were lucky enough to spend three days in Cornwall.

 Saturday afternoon saw us wandering

 around the streets of Port Isaac;

a beautiful and picturesque fishing village in north Cornwall.

Under the name of Port Wenn, Port Isaac has come into the spotlight

in recent years,  thanks to a certain Doc Martin.

We had a very pleasant lunch in The Old School, which is now a 

hotel, bar and restaurant....but there are little reminders of

times past, all over the place.

Lunch done, as we arrived at the top of the hill and I was glad to spy

a little bookshop! I am always very much at home in a bookshop

and this one was lovely.

We soon got chatting to the very friendly owner.

I think that this is a fairly new venture for him and

and I wish him all the best. Anyone who greets

a customer with a cheery smile and gives a

 little bit of themselves, deserves success.

Naturally, I made a purchase!!

Well...I couldn't not... it being new out!

For more info on 'Buy the Book', click...

Incredibly, when we got back to our accommodation, I Googled

the images of  Port Isaac.  

Lo and behold, this one, below,

jumped out at me, immediately

It's a painting by a friend of mine, Merv Scoble!!

So thanks, Merv for allowing me to put it on here...

for everyone to enjoy...!