Thursday, 5 September 2013

Port Isaac

Last week, we were lucky enough to spend three days in Cornwall.

 Saturday afternoon saw us wandering

 around the streets of Port Isaac;

a beautiful and picturesque fishing village in north Cornwall.

Under the name of Port Wenn, Port Isaac has come into the spotlight

in recent years,  thanks to a certain Doc Martin.

We had a very pleasant lunch in The Old School, which is now a 

hotel, bar and restaurant....but there are little reminders of

times past, all over the place.

Lunch done, as we arrived at the top of the hill and I was glad to spy

a little bookshop! I am always very much at home in a bookshop

and this one was lovely.

We soon got chatting to the very friendly owner.

I think that this is a fairly new venture for him and

and I wish him all the best. Anyone who greets

a customer with a cheery smile and gives a

 little bit of themselves, deserves success.

Naturally, I made a purchase!!

Well...I couldn't not... it being new out!

For more info on 'Buy the Book', click...

Incredibly, when we got back to our accommodation, I Googled

the images of  Port Isaac.  

Lo and behold, this one, below,

jumped out at me, immediately

It's a painting by a friend of mine, Merv Scoble!!

So thanks, Merv for allowing me to put it on here...

for everyone to enjoy...!

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Linda Gilbert said...

So glad you are having such a lovely time Sal xx