Saturday, 6 July 2013

A village fete!

Very often, the things that are the best are the things which are unplanned!

Today, on our way back from a day out, we happened to stumble across

something so terribly English...a village fete!

(I say English... but of course the word  'fete' is actually derived from

the French word, meaning 'holiday' or ' party'.)

My childhood was full of fetes; my primary school

always held such a good one, every July.

This fete was in the village of Drewsteignton.

It was lovely...everyone seemed so friendly and most of all they

were having such a happy time!

Smiles on every face! ;-)

And of course, the weather helped.

The village basked in the sunshine and the sound of  so many cheery voices

 could be heard as we strolled around.

An unexpected pleasure, which certainly finished off a lovely day!

More about that soon! 


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A little mention in BBC Homes and Antiques!! ;-)

I was taken by surprise on Monday, when I opened up my copy of the

BBC Homes and Antiques magazine. There, at the end of a lovely article about

vintage cotton feedsacks, was my name...or at least my website name!

A few weeks ago, the writer, Katherine Higgins, 

 contacted me and asked me if she could name my site

 as a source for buying these lovely feedsacks.

I'd completely forgotten about this!

And I do have some lovely designs....

My website is here:

All feedsack fabric is marked f/s

Thank you Katherine for such a splendid article

...and of course for giving me a mention!