Sunday, 18 August 2013

St Ives! ;-)

St Ives, yesterday... beautiful, whatever the weather!

First stop is usually coffee and we found, 'The Vintage Store and Coffee Shop'

as we walked along the harbour front.

Everything (or almost everything) is for sale

so you can browse to your heart's content as you drink your coffee.

Even the ladies loo had some interesting items!!

'The Vintage Store and Coffee Shop'

is definitely worth a coffee stop...and they do the best Flapjack !

After that we walked... and as you can see it was pretty grey.

But we don't let the weather ever spoil anything that we do.  

We spotted these little birds on the beach, 

which we identified as Turnstones.

Turnstones spend much of their time

creeping over rocks and picking out food from under stones...

hence their name.

Turnstones are not rare; they can be seen all around our coastline.

 They like rocky shores as well as sandy and muddy ones and they 

especially like feeding on rocks covered with seaweed, 

as well as seawalls and jetties.

They belong to the Sandpiper family.

On we go,wending our way through the back streets.

I always find other people's  porches and doors fascinating

and here in St Ives they are all very characterful.

So that's St Ives!

My advice, if you are coming from my part of the world,

(Newton Abbot)

is to catch the's really easy and won't break the bank! 

Jump off at St Erth and you'll find a connection to St Ives; the journey

then takes ten minutes.

Most definitely a lovely day out!



galant said...

Those photos are beautiful, Sal, even with a sea fret! Not been to St Ives in years and now I think I'd like to go again. We went to the Tate St Ives but really, a stroll up and down the little streets and alleyways costs nowt and would perhaps be even more entertaining that the St Ives School of painters, with their blocks of colour which you can see on the little doors and windows and courtyards of the town. Small wonder that Rosamunde Pilcher used St Ives so much in her stories (not called that, of course.) I'm surprised you didn't apply for the job advertised in CK!!!
Margaret P

Ju bohomumma said...

lovely photos - even with that weather. I love the doors and little alleys - it is such a gorgeous place, although I bet it was busy when you were there - we try to go "off season" so we can enjoy in with fewer crowds

ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic place, beautiful photos:) Greetings