Sunday, 2 June 2013

A perfect weekend ;-)

Nich and I went for a walk, earlier today.

It was a lovely walk and, as I

strolled, I paid particular attention

to the hedgerow and verges, which fascinate me.

When I was around 6 years old,  I used to have

short holidays with my Grandma.

She would take me for walks, around the lanes of Kingskerswell.

She would teach me the names of all the wild flowers

in the hedgerow.

I sat and thought about this, earlier... for, as I type, there is a

bloomin' great by-pass being built near that very place, which no doubt

cuts right through those very lanes where I used to wander.

At what cost progress eh?  T'is sad.

During my walk, today, I found:

Ivy (various types)  
Herb Robert 
 Ground Ivy
Scarlet Pimpernel
Vetch (two types)
   Field Poppy
Hedge Parsley
Pink Campion
 Red Campion 
Wild Arum

I know that there are nowhere near the variety of wild flowers that

there once were in the hedgerow and verges

 but I was heartened to find all of the above

in a very small area, near to where I live.

And it was all for free and a joy to find! our garden...

We've spent most of the weekend ... gardening!

And tonight, as I was walking around the garden, I realised that our first Rose

has quietly made its entrance, when I wasn't looking!

I've also been dead heading and collecting seed heads

as we now have a lovely woodland patch at the bottom of the garden, which

we want to keep as natural as possible.

More about that at a later date.

We called in at Toby Buckland's Plant Centre, at the weekend,

and just when you think that it couldn't get any better,

there it was, in its prime, bursting with colour and so alive with

lush and lovely plants.

This lovely place is such a source of gardening mojo has now returned!;-)

And finally...

I managed to hang out of the car window to snap this, on Friday ...

looking across to the River Teign.


And then yesterday as we drove into Shaldon:

(Spot the camper van...wish it was mine!)

Devon at its best!! ;-)


KC'sCourt! said...

When my parents had their house at Dittisham we used to walk down to the Ham looking in the Hedgerow. One day I said I think I will press some of the flowers I'll pick some on the way, on the walk back there wasn't any flowers to be seen. The hedge cutter had been along to cut the hedgerow so the traffic could pass.
Here in Somerset the Hedgerows are called Somerset Banks.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Vintage Jane said...

Lovely photos. It is heartening that you found so many wild flowers ... and I'm impressed that you can name them all ... I couldn't! M x

graham said...

Think your garden is now ready for a miniture steam railway to complete the look, Mr snips has the time to do it I hope.

galant said...

I love that road to Shaldon! One of my very favourite coastal roads. And we really must visit Toby Buckland's garden centre!
Margaret P