Monday, 27 May 2013

Hard work, determination, dedication, imagination, creativity....! ;-)

I'm reading two books, at the moment. 

At first look, you might think that there could not be

 two such different books!

Gillian Lynne's book is a wonderful story about her early life, 

during which she endured much heartbreak.

 However, this, no doubt, spurred her on to become a

leading dancer and choreographer; helping so many others 

to achieve their dreams.

'I was an over passionate, over energetic 

and almost over loving child and she (her mother)

 wanted all this channelled into

something that would amount to a solid vision for my life.'


We all know of Cath Kidston's rise to fame !

From her early childhood, (where she loved to 'play

shops'), to later on, whereby she has become

a permanent feature in many towns and cities, we read about

her hard work and determination to succeed.

'Our father, Archie, wanted us to be well read

and curious about the world and to think for ourselves.'

Both books, quite different in subject

 but oh so similar in the underlying themes and messages:

1. That creativity reigns!

2. That creativity inspires !

3. That hard work and determination are vital to success!

4. That passion, for whatever you do, is simply so important!

Excellent reads!



KC'sCourt! said...

The Gillian Lynne book is good, I enjoyed it. Think I will have to seek out the Cath Kidston book.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Plain Jane said...

What a beautiful garden. I think one thing we can thank all this rain for is how lush everything looks at the moment - it only took that little bit of sunshine at the weekend and - whoosh - the plants have shot up! My wisteria is now in full force and sending a beautiful fragrance through the bedroom window. I'm looking forward to exploring some of your older posts - nice to meet you x Jane

Plain Jane said...

P.S. Would love to follow but not quite sure how!