Saturday, 5 January 2013


These are the lovely books which came to my house, at Christmas.

Less 'gadding about' and more staying in, to read, methinks! ;-)

Talking of 'gadding about', last Saturday we jumped on a train and

ended up in Truro.

It's a very pleasant and busy, little city.

And yesterday, we took the coast road to Exmouth,

stopping here, at Powderham, for coffee.

This is my favourite plant centre in Devon!

It gets better and better and is full of colour, all year round.

I do recommend it!

As well as the plant centre and cafe, there's the farm shop as well! 

Fresh bread, lovely cheeses etc etc etc....!


galant said...

I bought the Vintage Tea Cup Club but found it a bit too chic lit for me, but you might get on with it a bit better, Sal. However, I do have a whole pile of afternoon tea recipe books.
Not been to Truro in ages. Last time I went I was there to interview the dean of the Cathedral for a piece in Cornwall Life. And not been to Toby Buckland's nursery/garden centre yet at Powderham, so hope to get there before too long.
Happy New Year, to you and your family!
Margaret P

landcuckoo said...

What a beautiful oasis of colour your pictures are on a very drab coloured winters day here.
Thank you!
Sarah x