Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Devon madness!!!;-)

So the Mayor of Torbay thinks that £7,000 spent on a Palm, is going

 to add some kind of interest to this roundabout?

Well I don't and I think he is nuts!

This is just another example of what's gone on over the 

years in this wasting!

Think how £7,000 could have been used!


This wonderful palm has to be dug up in three years time

to make way for that grand new road...

the Kingskerswell by pass...another flamin' waste of money

in my opinion!! ;-)

It's funny...we are told that we have no money

but somehow, money is always found for trivia.

Madness! ;-)

Mind you, it could be least we haven't got

Verity, the pregnant woman, parading the promenade!!

Another 'con' by Damien Hirst, if you ask me!

I feel sorry for the people of Ilfracombe!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I fancied the steward! ;-)

Available to bouncer.... for vintage fairs!! ;-)

Or should that read ... one vintage bouncer... for fairs?

Whatever it is, this fine specimen of a Devon man, did a brilliant job.

(we've nicknamed him Jan Steward!

If you are not true Devon, then you might not get that, so just look

up the Widecombe Fair song!)

This meant that the Civic Hall wasn't inundated with

bargain hunters before the fair opened and we could all set up

in peace!

I'm talking about Nostalgic Mix 5...the brainchild of Lesley.

And a very good fair it was!

(Not to mention it being held in my fave place!)

I was somewhat fortunate because

I had this lot (below) and more, to stare at for 6 hours, as I was stalling right opposite

Amanda and her mum!

We shared a room adjoining the hall and had a fine old time! ;-)

In the hall itself, an array of vintage items and handmade

loveliness stood proudly, on display.

Avril , once more, did the fair proud with her fabulous tea room!

More Tea Vicar

 I don't know how she does it but this is the FINEST tea room that I have ever seen at a fair!

It was a lovely day. 

A huge thanks to Lesley,who always organises everything SUPERBLY well! is always so nice to take home something vintage...

;-) ;-)