Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Devon madness!!!;-)

So the Mayor of Torbay thinks that £7,000 spent on a Palm, is going

 to add some kind of interest to this roundabout?

Well I don't and I think he is nuts!

This is just another example of what's gone on over the 

years in this wasting!

Think how £7,000 could have been used!


This wonderful palm has to be dug up in three years time

to make way for that grand new road...

the Kingskerswell by pass...another flamin' waste of money

in my opinion!! ;-)

It's funny...we are told that we have no money

but somehow, money is always found for trivia.

Madness! ;-)

Mind you, it could be least we haven't got

Verity, the pregnant woman, parading the promenade!!

Another 'con' by Damien Hirst, if you ask me!

I feel sorry for the people of Ilfracombe!


Alix said...

Oh dear - that really does seem like a lot of money wasted on the tree. It looks completely out of place with the backdrop of hills too! As for the statue - bleurgh!

Andi's English Attic said...

Have you read about the boulders in New Addington? 22 huge boulders have been arranged around its main shopping street at a cost of over £7,000. xx

galant said...

Sal, my letter about this is in this week's Herald Express!
Margaret P