Saturday, 21 July 2012

Photo copy ? ;-)

You wouldn't expect to find such beauties in a city!

As we walked through the streets of Exeter to the Quay, I spotted

Hollyhocks, Hypericum, Lavatera and Honesty, to name a few. 

It just proves that city living is good for many plants and flowers!

Such sights bring joy to my heart. I get so much pleasure

from the simple things in life, which are usually free!

We met up with a lovely friend, Karen, on the Quay.

Coffee and a natter, sitting in the sun, just watching the world go by

for a while, was just what was needed...not to mention an injection

of Vitamin D. We're all in need of that and it's been a long time coming!

On the way to Fore Street, we passed by Stepcote Hill.

This is one of the oldest surviving parts of Exeter

and the history of this area is fascinating:

I love streets like this!

I've been in similar places:

Elm Hill, Norwich;

Christmas steps, Bristol;

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury.

My mind wanders and I am able to imagine what life was like

in such places, way back in history: the noises, the smells,

the goings ons!

The past is forever present and

we are so lucky that we have an amazing history

in this fine country of ours.

And talking of history, you can't beat this favourite place of mine for

a very colourful and healthy dose of 1950s/60s vintage.

I can't begin to tell you how the lovely Jenny has transformed

Otto Retro!

It's absolutely lovely and we always get the best welcome!

The shop simply oozes her enthusiasm!

I'm a massive fan and thus it is always the highlight

of our Exeter day!

Get the 'Otto Experience' is what I say!

Do you know, I was in two minds as to whether to mention what happened

to us after we had had lunch.

But I will! ;-) LOL!!

 The annual Exeter Festival Craft Fair was taking place on the Cathedral Green.

I'm looking around and snapping happily. 

The sun is shining and the mood is good.

I'm at a stall, which appears to have no seller.

(I didn't know it at the time but she was

away from her stall, gassing to a friend)

Suddenly, I am aware of a woman coming after me and shouting at me :

'No photos!!'

'Ok,' says I...and not wanting an argument, I simply walk away.

She comes running after me!

'You'll delete those whilst I wait!'

(What is this... a Gestapo reunion? )

LOL...Yeah right! (I refuse! You see, I've never been one to

obey!! In fact, try and tell me to do something

and I'll do the opposite, just for the sheer hell of it!)

'You're breaking the law!' says she.

'And you're very rude!' she continues.

This is getting really silly now...a small crowd gathers...

and she is now implying that I am going to copy her wares!!

(And we all know what I think about copying other people's work, don't we?)

Anyway, I explain that I have a blog and that in fact, I might do her some

good publicity. However, she says, 'I don't think so!'

She gets more and more agitated and carries on about 'the law'!

Thankfully,  I know a man who knows the law inside out!

And thankfully, he just happened to be with me!

What a bit of luck that was!! LOL!

He has swallowed more books on law than I've had hot dinners!;-)


Mr S steps in and, 'deals with her!'

Let's just say good 'n proper!!


Monday, 16 July 2012

The hunchbacks of... Topsham!! ;-)

About 6 weeks ago, we were unfortunate enough to experience

 a bad meal, whilst eating out, one Saturday.

As a result of this, the manager offered us a 'with compliments'

meal, for the four of us.

So, off we trooped , on Saturday, to Topsham...via our

favourite plant centre, Toby Buckland's at Powderham.

If you live near enough to visit, then this is a lovely plant centre...none of your

rubbish that you get in many big garden centres and the quality

of the plants is superb!

I was on a mission to find a 'little something' for my dad to give to my mum,

who will be 87 on Weds!  

I'm doing lunch for everyone on Weds and so I hope that they both

enjoy the day and of course, the floral 'delight'!

More of that, later in the week!

Anyway, moving on. 

Topsham was wet under an extremely, dismal sky but it is still

one of my favourite haunts!

We found a little coffee shop, 'The Avocet' (quite apt, as Avocets can be seen

during the winter time, on the River Exe.)

And then we had time for a wander, before picking up our guests.

One of them being....little Meggy!

And she is certainly a pleasure to take out to dine!!

I have to say that she is following in the steps of her mother and grandmother....

she's a reluctant walker but prolific talker!!

No surprises there !

And so now, I introduce to you.... the two hunchbacks of Topsham!!

I think they ended up with backache...well one of them did!

We had a lovely meal out and a lovely day, in spite of the weather.