Monday, 16 July 2012

The hunchbacks of... Topsham!! ;-)

About 6 weeks ago, we were unfortunate enough to experience

 a bad meal, whilst eating out, one Saturday.

As a result of this, the manager offered us a 'with compliments'

meal, for the four of us.

So, off we trooped , on Saturday, to Topsham...via our

favourite plant centre, Toby Buckland's at Powderham.

If you live near enough to visit, then this is a lovely plant centre...none of your

rubbish that you get in many big garden centres and the quality

of the plants is superb!

I was on a mission to find a 'little something' for my dad to give to my mum,

who will be 87 on Weds!  

I'm doing lunch for everyone on Weds and so I hope that they both

enjoy the day and of course, the floral 'delight'!

More of that, later in the week!

Anyway, moving on. 

Topsham was wet under an extremely, dismal sky but it is still

one of my favourite haunts!

We found a little coffee shop, 'The Avocet' (quite apt, as Avocets can be seen

during the winter time, on the River Exe.)

And then we had time for a wander, before picking up our guests.

One of them being....little Meggy!

And she is certainly a pleasure to take out to dine!!

I have to say that she is following in the steps of her mother and grandmother....

she's a reluctant walker but prolific talker!!

No surprises there !

And so now, I introduce to you.... the two hunchbacks of Topsham!!

I think they ended up with backache...well one of them did!

We had a lovely meal out and a lovely day, in spite of the weather.


Amanda said...

what a lovely place. My daughter did'nt walk until she was 17months so no hunchbacks!

Anonymous said...

A grand day out!
Meggy clearly loves to get out and about!
Love Amanda(Shabby Chick) xxx

dosierosie said...

I love Topsham. We go there every time I come to Devon to visit my daughter. Alook around the Antique centre on the quay and lunch in the Passage House Pub.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Lovely post Sal. Look at that little sweet girl there. : ) Have a wonderful day.

Jay said...

Lovely to see all those pictures of places I hear so much about; my Gran lives in Exeter although I live in the East of England quite a long way from her. Meggy looks like a little cutie!