Tuesday, 12 June 2012

There's been a bit of  '50s love' going on

 in one corner of our living room! 

As I was faffing about (like you do),

I found myself almost jumping into these pictures, which I 

bought a couple of years ago from 'The Girls' Own Store' in Bridport.

The more I look at these paintings, the more I love them!

But, do you know, I'd never really noticed the artist's name

signed in the corner of each.

George Hann

Who was he?

 I did a bit of investigating.

George Hann 1900-1979

A painter in oils of French and English cityscapes,

harbours and still life, George Hann lived and worked in Brighton.

 where he gained a reputation as an English impressionist.

He painted many London scenes and he also

 spent a lot of time in France, where he was inspired by city life,

 French architecture and French artists.

I couldn't find much more information but

I did, however, come across a few more of his paintings,

which I rather like

So there you go!!

Back to my faffing !


Sunday, 10 June 2012


Yesterday, we went to the lovely town of Chagford to take part in a textile fair.

The day was quiet and the fair was not too well attended.

However, it was nice to catch up with a few friends and make one or two new ones.

At 3pm, we packed up and took a stroll around the town.

That done, we made our way to a friend's house as we had been invited for

afternoon tea and cake.

I managed to snap a few pics of the garden, which was stunning.

Here's a small part of it:

I especially loved the living Willow seat and I could have sat there for ages

 just watching the nature in the nearby ponds.

A lovely way to end the day.