Tuesday, 12 June 2012

There's been a bit of  '50s love' going on

 in one corner of our living room! 

As I was faffing about (like you do),

I found myself almost jumping into these pictures, which I 

bought a couple of years ago from 'The Girls' Own Store' in Bridport.

The more I look at these paintings, the more I love them!

But, do you know, I'd never really noticed the artist's name

signed in the corner of each.

George Hann

Who was he?

 I did a bit of investigating.

George Hann 1900-1979

A painter in oils of French and English cityscapes,

harbours and still life, George Hann lived and worked in Brighton.

 where he gained a reputation as an English impressionist.

He painted many London scenes and he also

 spent a lot of time in France, where he was inspired by city life,

 French architecture and French artists.

I couldn't find much more information but

I did, however, come across a few more of his paintings,

which I rather like

So there you go!!

Back to my faffing !



galant said...

Those pictures by George Hann are Very 1950s, aren't they? I feel I could step into them wearing a shirtwaister (in my latest Artigiano catalogue there is a shirtwaister dress, believe it or not - what goes around, comes around!) and a French pleat of a hairstyle (not a beehive, that was later in the early 1960s) and 'flatties'. I'd be listening to Charles Trenet singing "La Mer" and splashing myself with Je Reviens ...
Margaret P

Twiggy said...

Lovely. I feel sure my Mum and Dad had a couple of his prints of Paris when I was little. I remember a Seine riverside and Eiffel tower
Twiggy x

Daisy said...

They are so atmospheric. I can understand why you love them so much. Thanks for sharing them.
Daisy xx

Anonymous said...

Who was he?
What was he or it?

George Hann was and still is typically used in the terms of social history and architecture.
Much in the same way Victoria Hann and subsequently Elizabeth Hann were terms used to describe similar eras.

Carol said...

Love your faffing and the pictures.
Carol xx

delia hornbook said...

Wow love your 50's china gorgeous pattern, and those prints are lovely, dee xx

Jacqui Wise said...

Love your china. My Mum has some similar pieces in her display cabinet depicting cafe scenes.

landcuckoo said...

Good faffing and liking the pictures too x