Friday, 1 June 2012

Fun times! ;-)

It's been  long time coming but it's been well worth waiting for! ;-)

Cath Kidston now sits proudly in Princesshay, Exeter.

It's a lovely shop which include little touches of true vintage

items... showing how well the old and the new sit together

in perfect harmony!

I always think this, when I stand in the new Princesshay, 

gazing at the old and lovely Exeter Cathedral.

So well done Cath K for finally getting your act together

and arriving at what I believe to be one of England's finest cities!

One grumble though (Oh dear) . 

It has to be said that their silly policy of not allowing

photography in their shops, still exists.

So we all sneak around with our iPhones on silent

as we snap away! Or we stand at the doorway and 'zoom in'!

I started to do that yesterday but then did the decent thing

and asked....I was given the address of head office

with a view to them sending me some shots of present stock.

Yeah right!!

Moving on...

One place where I always snap away to my hearts content

is a vintage fair!!

Last Saturday, I took part in the Vintage and Handmade Fair

at Chipping Sodbury. 

This time the fair had a definite Jubilee flavour!

Here's a small part of my stall:

And I sold all of my daughter's Jubilee cards,

which she made especially for me

to add to the theme of the day.

My next vintage fair is on Saturday 9th June at Chagford.

So this one is a short journey for us!

It's a new fair for me and I'm rather looking forward to

taking part in something different.

Chagford is a delightful little town .

After the fair has finished, I've been invited to afternoon

tea at a rather lovely venue, which has a rather stunning garden.

Having already asked if I can take photos, the reply was

'Of course you can and you can even have some plants!' lovely is that?!!!

(Take note CK!!)

But before that, of course, coming up is this wonderful weekend

with all the shenanigans, colour, ceremony,

food, fuss, noise, pageantry, you name it,

that will be going on throughout the length and breadth of

this lovely country of ours.

I'm all geared up to don the appropriate colours

and join in as best I can!

Starting Exeter...

Crikey Queenie, it's Vintage!

I'm looking forward to a good old rummage around this fair

 before doing the usual stroll around the city and taking in

 everything red,white and blue!

So, all that has to be said now is...

I wish you all a very happy and fun weekend!

and of course...

Long live the Queen!

Sunday, 27 May 2012


The medieval city of Wells;  a little jewel which nestles on the southern side of

the Mendip Hills.

Steeped in history,Wells gets its name from the springs which

can be found in the gardens of the Bishops Palace.

And it is in Wells where we spent a most lovely weekend!

Wells is simply beautiful!

It is England's smallest city and Somerset's

only city.

We strolled along the moat walk on this glorious day.

All was quiet and serene and anything underneath

the bright blue sky, basked in the warmth and

the surrounding beauty.

There's always much to remind one of the past,

that is if one opens one's eyes!

J.C Everett: Mayor of Wells....(five times, apparently!)

Arthur.C. Hervey: Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Judging from the date on each shield, I assume that they

knew each other.

One of the prettiest places in Wells is the stunning,

medieval cobbled street,Vicar's Close,

 which is claimed to be the oldest, complete, medieval street in Europe.

Wells Cathedral was largely built between the 12th and 14th centuries and

it is said to be one of the best examples of early English architecture

 The Cathedral's magnificent West Front, features over 300 statues and carvings.

And there's also the famous mechanical clock.

Here's the outside view.

Of course Wells city centre, like many other city

and town centres, is very much focused on

the forthcoming jubilee.

Why did we go to Wells? 

Ah yes, I almost forgot to say that we'd been to the

Vintage and Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury!

I'll be back next time, to  'show 'n tell'!