Saturday, 12 May 2012

It's an Exeter day! ;-)

It's the weekend; it's sunny at last and it's an Exeter day!

So off we go on our favourite train ride and

you're invited to come too!

(The river you see in the above photos is the River Teign

 and the train travels beside the river

 for part of the journey.)

I've not been to the city for ages and so

I'm very much looking forward to this day out!

As soon as we get to the city we make for 


I need to see where a 'certain shop' is going to

be situated...and about time too!

Want a new job?!

It just so happens that almost opposite the

'new Cath shop to be' is the Apple shop, 

where I've spent many

minutes patiently waiting for Mr S.

Here he is, today:

(We are, I hasten to add, an 'all Mac' household!)

And whilst he is playing, I have my own bit of fun,

leaving my calling card!;-)

We decide that as we have a fair bit of trekking to do,

we'll have lunch early and so we head for

our favourite place:

The Oddfellows.

It's tucked away from the main drag

 but well worth the walk and I highly recommend it.

Fed and watered, we're off!

We take the scenic route away from the crowds

as, my golly, Exeter is heaving today!

We venture through the Northernhay Gardens.

Always a pleasure!

We're heading for Fore Street, 

which is about as 'non clone' as you could get.

Our destination: Otto!!

But wait!!

Before we get to Otto we notice a new little shop

has sprung up and, what's more, it 

appears to have rather a fab selection

of vintage clothes plus some other vintage

 bits and pieces!! 

And the owner is lovely!

What's more, the items are sensibly priced,

which makes a change!

The shop is called Hangar 124 .

The Tiger annual comes home with me!

Me and my footy, eh?!

(which reminds me that Torquay United are in the play offs

and so that's my tomorrow sorted out as far as

stress value is concerned!!!)

I digress...back to Exeter...

And now we're cooking, as they say...


Now this place really is a treat as Jenny, the owner

has done the place proud.

She's not there at this moment but the very polite man

who is behind the counter says

''We love photos'', as I ask if I can snap away.

''I'm Sal's Snippets,'' I say.

'' Ah, yes, we've had you before,'' he says!

''And you'll get me again!'' I reply.

How I adore this shop!

I want it all...some hope!

I leave with a colourful tea towel! ;-)

I'm very, very cheap to take out! 

This day is turning out to be great fun!

Off we go...passing another famous

part of Exeter.

Did you know that they actually moved this house?

It was in the way of a proposed road and lo and behold

they moved it!

If you don't believe me then here's the footage:

Crossing the road from here, 

we're on our way to Exeter Quay.

This is where many people congregate on a sunny day.

We amble through... but don't stop 

as we have a date with a cathedral!

Or rather , the Exeter Cathedral cafe!

To be honest, we nearly don't stop

as we almost have a disagreement as to where to 

have our afternoon cuppa!!

But Mr S soon sees sense and I hear him utter the words

' O.K. I'd sooner give my money to the Church of England 

than to a Muslim!'


I'm still grinning to myself as we leave and

 wander some more. As we do so, I think to myself

 what a wonderful city this has become.

It really is so alive! 

The music of 'Spin 2' can be heard as we stroll 

along. We pay one more visit to the Apple shop

for Mr S to make a purchase and then it's off

 along Gandy Street before walking

down the hill to St David's Station.

My feet are beginning to ache...

but it's been well worth it!

Thanks Mr S for a great day!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Pictures from Powderham ,today.

Today we drove over to a favourite haunt of ours...Powderham...

where the Deer were out in large numbers.

This delightful little plant shop has now been taken over by Toby Buckland.

And you can also buy online, from his nursery:

It's always a pleasure to visit here and of course there's also the food hall

and the coffee shop etc !

Hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday!