Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Looking back and looking forward to...

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to have visitors!

My lovely children, Helen and Nich...plus of course

Helen's wonderful husband, Ben... and not forgetting little Meggy.

I've been struggling with a stinking, streaming cold for a few days

now and so, sadly, cuddles were out of the question

but ... they spoilt me!

Helen did this photo montage for me!

A wonderful reminder of how much I loved being a young mum!

And Nich...well he knows me so well!

I had only recently mentioned how much I had enjoyed these,

'Great British Railway Journeys'

A lovely surprise...thank you!

Not forgetting other goodies...they are so kind.

And Meggy gave me a mug!

Meanwhile, last week I started to get ready for my next fair.


Totnes...March 31st.

....packing up feedsack pieces and vintage cottons...some in a cup!

What's more, Helen is enjoying a little bit of crafting

whilst Meggy has her daytime naps!

She presented me with some more lovely greetings cards for my stall.

Hope to see some of you at Totnes, where I shall be sharing

a little ' room' with my friend, Amanda!

Do come along! ;-)