Saturday, 4 February 2012

Otto Retro

Otto Retro, Exeter...

is under new ownership.

What a very pleasing environment to be in!

Extremely colourful too!

It's well worth the walk down Fore Street!

I spoke to the owner but didn't get her name...anyway...

here's hoping that she has a very happy time there!


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Vintage Children's Fabrics

I don't sell many vintage children's fabrics simply because they

are generally way out of my league, price wise!

But, recently, I did find the next best thing!


Vintage Children's Fabrics


Kay Hanauer


She's been a collector for years and has now produced this lovely book.

She doesn't profess to be an expert and she states that she has no

knowledge of the designers or the textile mills (in the USA) that produced the fabric.

Her lovely book is arranged in themed chapters here goes:

Chapter 1.School and Nursery Rhymes

Fabrics with letters of the alphabet on them were very popular

as were nursery rhyme themed fabric.

Chapter 2. Kids and Parties

(I hate, loathe and detest the word 'kids'
but that's what the book says so I have to go with it!)

Fabrics depicting images of sweet children, were very popular

and are still very much sought after.

Chapter 3. Leisure and Play

The theme of dancing is prominent on many vintage fabrics of the 1930s/40s

Chapter 4. Farmlife

Many farm scenes were depicted, appropriately, on feedsack fabric.

Chapter 5 Kittens and Puppies

The Scottie Dog became very popular during President Roosevelt's presidency,
simply because he owned one.

Chapter 6. Forest and Jungle

This seems a bit of a strange theme but there are many fabrics

which depict these scenes.

Chapter 7. Trains,Planes and Automobiles

Another popular theme!

Chapter 8 The Wild West

This has always been a popular theme!

Chapter 9 - Swatches

This chapter shows many of the small pieces

which the author has discovered over the years

Chapter 10

Larger pieces!

Just a few snippets!

The book is packed full of the most lovely pictures!


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

News from the craft room! ;-)

All sorts has been going on in the craft room, just lately!

I decided to have a go at making a few brooches, from some

scraps of vintage fabric and a new jumper belonging to Mr S, which I accidentally

washed, dried, shrunk and felted!
I'm still working on those brooches. Meanwhile..

there are the fab four hippie puppets...

Groovy man...yeah,yeah,yeah! ;-)

I have to admit that they needed er umm..a little modifying as one

or two 'resembled Hitler' I was told!

Oh dear!

Anyway...they are all ready to be added to this crew!

Swiftly moving on... to 'Liquid Pearls'...

I've always loved using these and I discovered last week that

they have added some new, lush colours to their range:

There was another reason for needing more of these....

someone has been raiding my craft room!

My daughter's craft mojo has returned...beginning with rubber stamping

and card making:

I must fly...I have some more new fabrics to label,

for the Tavistock fair on 11th Feb...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Vintage Notions ...and a winner! ;-)

I've found the loveliest book!! ;-)

And it really is a true inspiration!

It's the loveliest book I've seen in a long time;

I'm bowled over by its charm!

It's written by Mary Barickman, a lady very much inspired by

another lady, Mary Brooks Picken, a talented dressmaker and founder

of 'The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences', in Scranton, California.

Each lovely chapter of this book represents a month of the year

because as Amy says:

'' Our lives are keenly connected to the change of seasons,

from the food we eat to the clothes we wear''

Each chapter starts with a lovely quote for the month.

And each season has a storage pocket to stash away your own precious clippings,

fabric swatches, recipes etc.

Join with me in sharing a few of the delights of this lovely book.













I hope you enjoyed those 'Snippets'

And finally...

Thank you everyone for all of your

wonderful ideas!

I've put all the names in a hat and the winner is...

(Please email me your address!)