Thursday, 2 February 2012

Vintage Children's Fabrics

I don't sell many vintage children's fabrics simply because they

are generally way out of my league, price wise!

But, recently, I did find the next best thing!


Vintage Children's Fabrics


Kay Hanauer


She's been a collector for years and has now produced this lovely book.

She doesn't profess to be an expert and she states that she has no

knowledge of the designers or the textile mills (in the USA) that produced the fabric.

Her lovely book is arranged in themed chapters here goes:

Chapter 1.School and Nursery Rhymes

Fabrics with letters of the alphabet on them were very popular

as were nursery rhyme themed fabric.

Chapter 2. Kids and Parties

(I hate, loathe and detest the word 'kids'
but that's what the book says so I have to go with it!)

Fabrics depicting images of sweet children, were very popular

and are still very much sought after.

Chapter 3. Leisure and Play

The theme of dancing is prominent on many vintage fabrics of the 1930s/40s

Chapter 4. Farmlife

Many farm scenes were depicted, appropriately, on feedsack fabric.

Chapter 5 Kittens and Puppies

The Scottie Dog became very popular during President Roosevelt's presidency,
simply because he owned one.

Chapter 6. Forest and Jungle

This seems a bit of a strange theme but there are many fabrics

which depict these scenes.

Chapter 7. Trains,Planes and Automobiles

Another popular theme!

Chapter 8 The Wild West

This has always been a popular theme!

Chapter 9 - Swatches

This chapter shows many of the small pieces

which the author has discovered over the years

Chapter 10

Larger pieces!

Just a few snippets!

The book is packed full of the most lovely pictures!



KC'sCourt! said...

Thats a very pretty book
Julie xxxxxxx

June said...

What a feast for the eyes - those scrumptious fabrics. Like the dancing girls and the panda ones very much!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love that book!!! What a great collection!! Wish it was mine : )

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

What a great book and an amazing collection!
Maybe you should write one on fantastic feedsacks?
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx